What a week! Things were happening almost daily concerning I-35 Speedway last week. From the announcement 18 years old and younger would be admitted free to Figure 8 racing to ATV racing what a great week! The 18 years old and younger free was originally planned only during the month of May, however, Track Owner Mike Johnson announced on the RacinBoys Track Talk show (810WHB) Saturday morning this free admittance will be extended to the entire season except for specials.

When you arrived at the track this past Saturday you saw something new in the infield, an “X”. During parade laps for the Grand National feature the cars made their way through the “X”. After the races and trophy presentations we held practice for the figure 8 and the drivers participating were obviously starting to have some fun! Since it has been 30 plus years since anyone in this area has competed in and/or witnessed a Figure 8 we thought better five them some practice before an actual race. Watch our website, www.i-35speedway.net or our Social Media sites (Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter) for dates we will have Figure 8 races.

This next Sunday we introduce something new, even more fun, ATV racing. Everyone is invited to come either compete, watch, or enjoy this rapidly rising fun. We have listed classes but if you own an ATV, UTV, or pit bike bring it and we will find a class for you to come have fun.

I know several of you see me constantly walking between all the various locations at the track, tower, concessions, pits, Trackside Bar and Grill, light poles, etc., but I get to witness a great family and the events behind the scenes that make things happen for the fans, the racers, the pit crews, and the staff. This is what I witnessed this past Saturday night:

  • Darla Dixon accidently tooted her horn and scared herself, her facial expression, Priceless!
  • What an outstanding tow service we have at the track, Bridgeman Tow with an assist from L&L Tow, even loaded a car during the races.
  • I hope we always see lots of sportsmanship on the track and I don’t get to see all the races, but I did witness Corey Meyers sportsmanship when racing Luke Niemann’s 181 B Mod. Coming out of turn 4 Luke got a little sideways and Corey backed off the accelerator to let him recover, great sportsmanship!
  • Speaking of B Mods what great racing, opening with their May 5 make up race and going green to checkered, then in their second feature it was described as hold your breath racing!
  • During the post-race driver interviews numerous drivers thanked Mike Johnson for providing a great racing surface.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank the great staff at I-35 Speedway, they put in the extra effort to make it fun for everyone, from picking up trash, to dumping barrels at the end of the night, to preparing press releases and videos, to creating posters and taking pictures, to providing a smile at the concession line, to coming up with new ideas to keep the sport growing, to mowing and weed eating (yuck), to building billboards and installing the sponsor signage, to cleaning toilets and buildings, to maintaining equipment, to officiating the races, these dedicated staff members make it happen each week behind the scenes!