It’s July! Warm weather predictions, schedule adjustment of an hour later starting time, Mother Nature creating cloud cover when none was predicted, thunderstorms around the region which were not predicted, smelly wet two-tone shirts, water the drink of choice and RACING! Eighty Six (86) racecar drivers with their racing machines were in attendance providing for a great competitive night of racing! The place to be on Saturday night in July, I-35 Speedway.

Let’s talk about the weather for minute. The hottest day weather wise was Thursday, 97 degrees and I had a weed eater and sprayer in my hands for five hours. It was warm enough I took a break in the shade to cool off. Main culprit was no wind, no breeze, just sun. I did so much weed eating (getting filthy) that Mike Johnson made me ride in the bed of his new truck, I was not allowed in the cab! Friday the same temperature but it was comfortable mowing and weed eating because there was a breeze. Saturday, per the television forecasters, the worst day of the week was not as bad as their prediction. First, we had a breeze, and we delayed race time until 8 P.M. when the sun would be setting in the west and the grandstands would be shaded. By the way this decision was made late Sunday night and published on Monday morning. The second part of the forecasters being incorrect was the clouds formed overhead blocking the sun and providing comfortable temperatures. The clouds also stopped the drying that normally happens with the track. Drivers were telling track prep guru Mike Johnson that it was the best track he has prepared all year! It was definitely, one of the fastest tracks all year.

How about that racing battle in the A Mods between Derrick Hicks and Dennis Elliott? Hicks leading early, Elliott taking the point only to have Hicks take advantage of lap traffic and make a daring pass and then taking the checkered. Speaking of A Mods first through third in points are separated by 4 points! After this past week, it is Hanes, Johnson, Hanson at the top of the points battle in the A Mods.

Facebook comments: From Santana Dios – I love this place…they make everyone feel like family…also you will never find another place that gets so involved with lost family members…would recommend it to anyone to come and see the great racing on a great fast and slick track and see their involvement with the young future of racing. From Ruth Helms Ross – All a good time was had by all.

If you follow our Facebook page you will see we take a picture of the feature lineups and post them. This allows our drivers to see the lineups in their pit area instead of heading to the pit board. We post them on the lineup board also but we are always striving to make things better and utilize today’s technology. Did you know one driver each week wins a tenderloin at the drivers meeting? We also give away two free drinks to a driver per class each night redeemable at the Trackside Bar and Grill at the completion of the night’s events.

This week we get the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series. Last year Andrew Kosiski claimed his first win in a Super Late Model at I-35 Speedway. This year who will it be?