April is Here

Well April has arrived. Obviously this year Mother Nature did not want racing to occur locally sending chilly wet weather the last two weekends. However, this weekend looks great for racing as I-35 Speedway will be opening with their regular classes and the Show Me Vintage Racers. This will be a great weekend for those chasing USRA points to get started earning those points. Come this weekend to I-35 Speedway and see not only the races but the improvements made through the winter at the track. For I-35 Speedway there is a new lawn chair area so you can bring your own seat. The new park is area is completely cleaned and graded. The pits have been expanded. As always at a Mike Johnson track everything has been cleaned, mowed, and organized.

As we progress through the month of April other local tracks will be opening look for their improvements. One note, one track has raised a portion of their ticket prices to $15, will this soon be the new trend. As we have seen in the past once one raises the ticket price soon others will follow.

Lets remember April is here, time to go racing!