This week was a week of numbers, as in 3.5, 98, 60.2k and 5.7k. There was a ton of behind the scenes work, stocking, mowing, weed eating, track work, cleaning, mopping, trash removal, paperwork, and maintenance.   Let’s start with the number, 3.5 inches of rain fell on the track Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Daviess County was and still is considered in a severe drought. The pond, as noticed by several racers on Saturday, had filled after being extremely low. The track was rutted from the hard rains and we could not get equipment on the track to work it until Friday. This caused the cancellation of the Thursday USMTS race. Round and round, we went on Friday with the sheep’s foot and the grader. The number 98 was how many racecars were in competition on Saturday night. You get the most racing for your entertainment money at I-35 Speedway. The other numbers are from I-35 Speedway Winston Facebook which reached 60.2K people and had 5.7K engagements this week, learn here how to make a 10 second car.

I-35 Speedway wants to thank everyone for helping with Caleb Hammond, a little boy with leukemia who has decided to stop his treatments. Thank you, Jessica Summers, for leading the efforts in this endeavor. Here is what Jessica posted on social media: I want to give a huge shout out to Kyle and Mike Johnson and all the staff at I-35 Speedway for all the support shown tonight at the track for Caleb Hammond and his family. It’s true what they say about the racing community, it’s the best!! To all the fans and drivers that donated money during intermission with the helmet pass and all the drivers for signing the shirt for Caleb and to everyone who put gifts in the tote tonight, you guys are great!!!   We filled the tote full!!! We will be delivering everything to Caleb and his family next weekend. Again, thank you all so much for helping put a smile on this strong young man’s face!!!

Fun at I-35 Speedway during intermission this week was the Power Wheels. We also introduced a new feature by reading Effuel reviews and knowing how this device can help us save fuel on the long run. We had more families involved in letting their little one’s race. Congratulations to first time racer and winner, Jameson Nekuda, in the 6-volt class. Just a side note, his father and my son played soccer together for years, from 6 years old all the way through college. Jameson was decked out in his firesuit and had his Lightning McQueen car ready to go at the drop of the green flag. Hayden Romesburg won the 12-volt class. This young ones are learning to race.

This next Saturday is Central Auto Racing Boosters Night at the Races. They are bringing their new mascot Sparky and will hold a Pinewood Derby race. Please check out their Facebook page on how to enter the pinewood derby. Something new is coming to the track on Sunday with the SCCA races. I-35 Speedway has truly become a Motorsports Park. Thank you, fans many of you were utilizing the trash barrels which helps everyone picking up trash. Make plans now to attend the season ending banquet the first Saturday in November. Time is flying, August is almost complete and we are looking at two months of racing left in this season.