What a night! Racin for Rian! One hundred and three (103) racecars! Grandstands full of race fans and in support of the Wilson/Murphy family for the 7th Annual Racin for Rian. Lots of Thank you’s!

Thank you, Wilson Murphy family for organizing and heading up the 7th Annual Racin for Rian. Their dedication has allowed the St. Luke’s NICU to received over $20,000 to assist families who have the unfortunate experience this family incurred in 2010 when they only had Rian for 30 hours. This event inspired one young lady, Brianna Erickson to tell the story about her baby Kalia, who was also born at 24 weeks and survived for a month. Thank you, St. Luke’s NICU for sending home a memory package of Rian!

Wasn’t it awesome to see Emma and Jenna in the E Mod class. These two drivers should be an inspiration to all girls/women! Thank you, Ladies for coming and racing with us! In case you missed it Emma Martin #99 and Jenna Baumli #46 both were racing in the E Mod class, at one-point Emma was running third.

Those sitting in Lawn Chair Seating wow this area is their own cheering section. Reminds me of those in the former television show Cheers they have their seats! Thank you everyone who makes up the Lawn Chair seating squad!

Thank you to all the workers at I-35 Speedway who make each race night fun! From the announcers to the officials to the gate workers to the concession people to the trash collectors to the maintenance staff to scorers to the funnel cake preparers to the ticket takers to the pay window gal to the concession window workers to the pit concession girl to beer garden gal to the Trackside Bar and Grill workers, Thank you for all you do to make every race night a huge successful night full of fun. Yes, behind the scenes no race track could survive without the people who give with their hearts and love for the sport more than they will ever receive back. Thank you!

Thank you to the owners of I-35 Speedway, they are constantly working behind the scenes to make this sport grow. When mistakes are made they look for solutions. Owning and running a racetrack is a job very few in the United States take on as a profession. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how easy it is to own and operate a track, but It is one of the most challenging professions in the world, stress about weather and other issues rivals the stress of an air traffic controller. Thank you, Mike and Kyle Johnson for all you do for the sport and I-35 Speedway.

Thank you to the racecar drivers and their crews. Your willingness to show up each week, maintain your race car and tow equipment each week, meet with race fans at the track and beyond the track, and represent the sport each week – Thank you!
To our sponsors your support whether purchasing trophies, adding in purse, providing product, providing money, Thank you!

Finally, this has been a great month of June! We have one more race this Saturday in June and we are going to have a super fun time. We could not close this column without saying Thank you Race Fans. Your attendance is supporting each of the groups above. I-35 Speedway has allowed 18 and younger in free starting in May. This policy has also brought back the families. We appreciate each and everyone of you coming each Saturday and supporting your favorite driver, favorite car, and/or favorite color! Thank you!