Another weekend at the racetrack and the weather forecasters were incorrect again! Storms developed in Kansas City around 4:30, which were not predicted until the overnight hours, but they moved straight north away from the track. The cloud cover made for a great night of comfortable racing!   Fortunately, we were able to get all the races in except the USRA classes of B Mods, Stock Cars, and A Mods. We will have double features for those classes in the upcoming weeks.

Reference the weather it is always a challenge for outdoor sports. Too cold, too hot, threat of rain, threat of lightning, etc. Almost everyone with a smart phone has a weather radar application. As lightning approaches the area track management is watching. My wife has an application that tells her lightning within so many miles of her phone. As the track announcers were informing everyone via the Public-Address system a bolt of lightning lit up the sky confirming the decision to cancel at the point the announcement was being made. Shortly after everyone left the grandstands and most of the competitors had loaded their racecars and left the pits the rain arrived. It was a very good call by Track Management!

Before the rain and the lightning though what a great time was had by all. Fantastic close side by side racing! Ben Stockton and Chris Mercer swapping the lead in the E Mods. Power Wheel racing with eleven different competitors at intermission and more to come at the next power wheel race. The USRA excitement was just around the corner as the B Mods were lined up when they were told via the raceiver to return to their pit.

Thank you everyone who has been utilizing the trash barrels, it makes the task of the clean-up crew so much easier! Remember to follow us on Facebook at i-35 Speedway Winston or check out our website,

Someone who purchased a racing program won a free order of cheese fries at the Trackside Bar and Grill. Racetrack programs are becoming a thing of the past, unfortunately, much of history has been saved and recovered from racetrack programs. Fortunately, I-35 Speedway continues to produce a racetrack program each week and you can find all the great sponsors who help support the track along with last week’s results. This is one of the better programs published at any racetrack! And now you know it sometimes pays back to buy a program, you never know when it might be worth a favorite food!

Now get those oohs and awes ready because last year numerous fans let us know how much they appreciated the fireworks display. Well guess what the same fireworks company is returning again and we will have fireworks this upcoming Saturday. Grab the family and come enjoy a great night of racing with some super awesome fireworks!