Behind the Scenes Week 13 I-35 Speedway

Wow oh wow, 108 racecars, fireworks, super smooth track, driver’s prepping for the Rick Beebe Heating and Cooling Smokin Hot Summer Series, all this made for an exciting night of racing at I-35 Speedway. Funnel cakes, ice cream, fresh popcorn, and tenderloins were in huge demand! Smiles lots of smiles from race fans, kids, and several racers. So much fun non-stop, one race leaves the track the next race is entering the track. Twenty-seven races in all, including a B feature in the B Modified class!

One thing that great crowds and great car count brings is trash, behind the scenes, the barrels have to be dumped and we thank everyone, race fan and racers who utilize the trash barrels. Of course, behind the scenes, the track team is putting those barrels in place and dumping them at the end of the night. Other duties which occur behind the scenes in preparation for a race night, track staff walk the race track surface removing errant pieces of metal and other debris which makes its way to the track after a night of racing.

Got to love the Lawn Chair Section, it appears more and more race fans are taking advantage of this area. Must stop by and get to know some of these regulars! I always stop and see Darla Dixon, she stated I was zoned in this week as I had passed her 6 times without looking up. Yep some nights are like that but hey I got to hear her toot her horn!

Facebook Reviews: Lucy Burton – Was there for the first time last night. Everyone was extremely kind and the facility was very nice. Shawna Stoldt – First time coming here. First time my dad ever raced and by far the BEST track I have ever been to!!!! The rules don’t change to put someone first…..Very Fair! I will deff be back!!!!!

We love first time visitors to I-35 Speedway. Our goal is to continue to grow our sport. This next week starts the Rick Beebe Heating and Cooling Smokin Hot Summer Series. The idea behind this event was Dustin and Blythe Boney of Prime Racing. The next generation of racer is taking a leading role in our sport and that makes us so happy! Applaud their efforts, along with the tracks, in supporting and growing our sport!