Eighty eight (88) racecars, 23 races, Late Models, double USRA A Mod features, first race hitting the track at 7:10 after opening ceremonies included a prayer for those battling cancer, one race leaving the track as the next race is entering the track, checkered flag dropping on the second A Mod and last feature at 10:35 P.M., 210 laps of green flag racing, several of the top USRA drivers in the nation at the track, and the second night of the Rick Beebe Heating and Cooling Smokin Hot Summer Series made for a fantastic night to be at I-35 Speedway!

What teamwork! From a super smooth racetrack to great side by side racing action by the drivers, the track staff staying on top of the track after previous night Mother Nature made the track moisture a challenge, officials keeping the race event organized and moving, concession workers serving cold drinks and hot food, Prime Racing masterminds of the Smokin Hot Summer Series and parts supplier for the racers, race fans grabbing their favorite seats, every bit of that is teamwork and on this night everyone worked together!

Speaking of teamwork, the Drivers at intermission passed the helmet for one of our own, B Mod racecar driver Eddie Schwope, to assist with expenses in visiting the Mayo Clinic. All drivers, including several ULMA drivers, are to be commended for their assistance in passing the helmet. For those who donated, THANK YOU!

This week’s FACEBOOK post comes from Richard Stultz – “Awesome Race you put on”.

Oh, and what fun, at the end of the night don’t run off and race home, the Track Side Bar and Grill is just getting started. Stop in and you might meet one of your favorite drivers stopping for a taco, a tenderloin, some cheese balls, or his/her favorite drink, you just never know! A great place to get autographs and food. Just a heads up, we make a pretty good taco, yours truly was pressed into service and made 30 tacos, the last eight being ordered because the first 16 were so tasty!

It was great seeing some faces in the grandstands I have known for several years and not seen in quite a while. Let me start with John O’Neal Sr., John O’Neal Jr., and Austin O’ Neal. I wished I had taken a picture of them together! The days of the O’Neals racing on the asphalt at I-70 Speedway and Lakeside Speedway in relationships as competitors and as official/racers brings back great memories. Walking by and giving high fives and handshakes with the Billings family and short conversations with Larry and Bubba Harvey, same thing, great memories. Getting to say howdy to my “girlfriends” for the second weekend in a row, and watching their son display his talent in the B Mod and now A Mod class, what a blessing!

I mention all this because this upcoming weekend at I-35 Speedway is the first annual asphalt Racers Reunion, where those drivers who competed on the asphalt of Lakeside and I-70 Speedways can come together at I-35 Speedway and enjoy a night of racing for free! I-35 Speedway loves to remember and preserve our history in this area and this is just another step in that direction.