Thank you, Mother Nature, what a B Mod finish, fun in the grandstands, fun on the track, the challenge of weather, and a race program which starts on time and ends before 10:30 p.m.  All this fun at I-35 Speedway!

Let’s start with Mother Nature, for months Daviess County has been listed in the extreme drought part of the state. This week she decided to help us fill our ponds and lake with over 5 inches of rain! She also gave us a warm sunny Saturday to dry the pits, the track, and the parking lot so we could have a great night of racing! She did throw us a scare with a lone cloud providing a 2 P.M. shower, but that just helped us roll in the pits and track, so we could have the exciting edge of the seat racing everyone has become accustomed to at I-35 Speedway. Thank you track crew for showing up early and helping get everything ready!

What an exciting B Mod finish! Out of four, three wide with a fourth trying to sneak into the top spot. If you have not read it yet, please see Jacob Blair’s racing recap. This race was so much fun the last three laps various portions of the crowd were standing waving their favorite driver to the front. Awesome, exciting, go, go, go, yes as the four cars crossed the finish line, literally a blanket could have covered them all. Race fans that was awesome watching your arms flailing and hearing your voices cheer on your favorite driver! Drivers, Hibner, Galvan, Harris, and Noll great job, GREAT JOB! Wow!

What fun in the grandstands! There are numerous children who are now attending the races, several like to give high fives! We love it when parents are teaching their children about racing it is how our sport will continue to survive and grow. You can always stop by and sit in front of Darla Dixon, she gives a great back massage, just don’t interrupt her Stock Car race. She does accept tips!

Great recommendations on Facebook this week. “Great place to race or spectate. All around a top-quality facility, and they do a good job of keeping the show running without much downtime” sent from John Ross iPhone. From Carla Sue Wade, “It’s a lot of fun to watch”.

Please keep Eddie Schwope Jr. and Mark Merrell in your prayers as they battle the dreaded cancer disease. Mark has surgery on Thursday and we will be missing him behind the microphone the next few weeks. He did make sure to send me his playlist and said if we need anything he can continue to work behind the scenes at the hospital. Yes, Mark loves our sport and I-35 Speedway!

Did you know we are less than a month away from the USRA Nationals? Everyone got a taste of the exciting USRA racing during the Smokin Hot Summer Series where at times we saw three and four wide racing just like the B Mod finish last Saturday. Mark your calendars for October 4 through the 6, 2018. Along with those exciting three classes we will also get to see the USRA Hobby Stocks and their Tuner classes! Always fun and camping is available.