First THANK YOU Mother Nature, finally she provided racing weather, clear skies, somewhat comfortable temperatures and a great night for racing. We started the night with a tribute to last year’s USRA B Modified Champion Bud Wilson whom we lost over the winter. Our apologies for the sound issue over the speakers we will get that corrected and play it at the Bud Wilson Celebration in September. Mark Merrell, one of our track announcers, did an amazing job of preparing that production only to have the cable connection to the CD player let us down.

Speaking of production, Behind the Scenes, please follow I-35 Speedway Winston on Facebook or our website, where our two announcers, Mark Merrell and Jacob Blair have been doing some amazing video productions. Mark has been preparing and producing 30 second videos advertising our races and the excitement they bring each week and the special emphasis on our weekly sponsor. Bob Douglas the owner of last week’s sponsor Rod End Supply was very impressed when shown the video. Jacob added a recap of victory lane interviews providing the winning drivers more face time for their fans and sponsors. We are so happy to have Mark and Jacob adding their expertise to the I-35 Speedway staff and their play by play/color commentary (Jacob is a B Mod driver) provides a night of enjoyment for our race fans at the track.

Another Behind the Scenes worker is our webmaster, Jessica Oskvig, not only is she our track photographer but she is constantly perfecting the I-35 Speedway website, Last week we realized the results and points were available on our computers but not via the cell phone. Jessica worked to correct this situation so now when drivers are looking for results and points, and we like them checking this information (after all, we are humans interfacing with computers), they can proceed to the website and view the results and points under the driver menu button on the cell phone or the computer. This behind the scenes effort even involved testing her work on the internet platforms, Internet Explorer, Bing, Firefox, Google, Safari, etc. Thank you, Jessica!

We are blessed to have Mark, Jacob, and Jessica as part of our racing family working behind the scenes. By the way Jessica’s photos of the hot racing action can be found at The Wilson family is part of our racing family and returning to our opening remembrance of Bud Wilson, we are all family! Each night at the racetrack we are a part of history. Let us all enjoy this sport for what it is a sport, let us remember those who introduced us to the sport, those we have gotten to know in the sport, those who work behind the scenes, those we currently call family members in the sport. Someday we all face, remember when………