Week 3 of Racing at I-35 Speedway brought more fun at the racetrack! Mother Nature and the forecasters were playing games with us with predictions which kept changing hourly, but hey it did not stop the fun we were having with the racing. Speaking of Fun next week if someone can show me how to use Facebook Live it will be fun just to film the crowd in the grandstands. Walking through the grandstands after delivering lineups it was quite a site to watch everyone holding their phones facing the track and as the cars came out of turn 4 everyone was facing due east and then in unison the phones and the crowds all turned towards turn 1. What a sight! Yes if you are part of the audience participating in the phone dance you are part of the fun!

Speaking of fun, have you kept up with our own Facebook Live productions which started late last year! Nicole Noll has kept us happy with previews of upcoming events and this past winter with the track improvements. Most recently even more fun has been added in these videos with interviews of track employees like Beer Shack Tammy or filming Cassidy wearing the new I-35 Speedway t-shirts or filming the Bar and Grill crew announcing the race day special. Another new feature is the post-race recap with Nicole filming track announcer Rick Staley. This provides instant results for those of you riding, not driving, home. We have also begun to utilize Facebook to post the results and will soon begin using this avenue to post the lineups. Don’t worry there will still be the paper copies on the lineup board.

If you have not liked I-35 Speedway Winston on Facebook, now would be the time. Also get signed up to receive our text messages also found on Facebook. As technology advances we must learn to utilize these new avenues to our advantage. You never know there may be an offer during the races via Facebook. Please always feel free to share I-35 Speedway Winston data.

Three weeks into racing and in the A Mods (Sobbing, Fuqua, Shaw), B Mods (Brill, Eaton, Tanner), and E Mods (Dorrsom, Mercer, Smith) we have enjoyed three different winners. In the Stock Car, Pure Stocks, and Grand National classes we have enjoyed two different winners. That is a testament to the track and the competition. Look for multiple winners in all our classes this year. Thank you WAR Sprints for the great racing you provided this past week.

Finally, have you noticed any new improvements to the track, maybe even more expanded pits, new fences, and beginning in a couple of weeks the use of the tech barn! As announced in the drivers meeting, I-35 Speedway will take a class a week to the tech barn for an intensive pre-race tech. Each week the class(es) will be announced in the drivers meeting who needs to pre-tech because those cars on that night will not be allowed onto the track until pre-tech is completed, that includes cars showing up late! More pre-tech will help us ensure a fair and even field in all the classes.

Until next week, congrats to Darren Shaw, Dean Wray, Korey Weyant, Mike Tanner, Billie Hoover, Cletus Murray, and Randy “I love Daytona” Smith Jr.