Mother Nature does it again! With three features left she decided to add moisture. Moisture on a track in which the racecars have competed and usually slicked off creates a dangerous situation for the racers because they can no longer get any traction. Therefore, the final three races, B Mod, A Mod, and Sport Compact will be run in the next few weeks. The B Mods will open the races with their feature this next week. Yes, behind the scenes there are tons of decisions every night, every week at the racetrack. This week we had to determine when to complete these races.

More decisions occur before we even get to the track, the racing order! We try to keep the order of events the same as much as possible. Wide tire racecars may be at the first of the order because their wide tires will smooth out a racetrack. Sometimes we must make an adjustment just like we made with the Sport Compact class, originally scheduled to race before the B Mods they were moved to after the A Mods because track conditions dictated their smaller tires run towards the end of the night.

Speaking of decisions did you have a snow cone? Maybe you held out for a Root Beer Float! Another one of those decisions behind the scenes which was made to increase our concessions and sell something everyone seems to like! Yes, as summer approaches we have the concessions to keep you cool!

Behind the scenes at any racetrack is staffing. Just like any family, and racing is family, we have staff attending weddings, funerals, graduations, getting called in to their full-time jobs, and taking vacations. It takes a team of workers to staff all the positions each night for any racetrack. We are fortunate at this track to have some of the best in the business helping us each night!

Behind the scenes track maintenance, this past week the track was worked twice before the rains and after the rains. We received roughly 3.5 inches of rain during the week, guess what that did to the grass? It made it a late Friday afternoon (even Saturday Afternoon) mowing session, had to wait for Mother Nature to dry the grounds from Thursday Night storms. On the other hand, the maintenance staff did a super job on bathroom cleaning waiting for the grounds to dry. On to next week! Decisions, decisions, decisions!