THANK YOU RACE FANS! THANK YOU RACE CAR DRIVERS! THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE! Fan Appreciation Night at I-35 Speedway was a HUGE Success! There will be another Fan Appreciation Night on the May 2020 Schedule! Could there be another Fan Appreciation Night yet this year….hmm?

Let’s begin with Mother Nature. She opened the skies Saturday morning, in almost all the surrounding areas. We announced early Saturday morning via press release we were racing. Many drove through rain and mist to get here but at Exit 64, location of the track, nothing, no drops, no moisture, nothing, in fact Mother Nature gave us sun at 5:30 P.M. by then the parking lot was filling up. She was temperamental with the temperature, had a couple of fans tell me since it was Rick Beebe Heating and Cooling Night at the races he needed to work on the heater. The sun dried the track faster than we had planned which leads to the great group of race car drivers in attendance!

After two sessions of hot laps it was apparent, we had to add water. Those drivers who love a dry slick track understood. They appreciated the fact we were trying to seal the track knowing there was moisture in the track from the week of rain, but it wasn’t working, but you know what they appreciated even more, with a huge crowd of race fans they wanted the race fans to enjoy a dust free track, they like racing in front of huge crowds!

What great racing we enjoyed from the 90 competitors in attendance, photofinishes, three and sometimes four wide racing, a first-time winner Shaunie Lanning, drivers running high, drivers running low, pure exciting racing! Race Fans were showing up early, many before the racers themselves, in fact the grandstands were filling faster than the pits!

Let’s finish the story through the eyes of Facebook!

– Andrea Elise, “I got to give a shoutout to the track owners of I-35 Speedway Winston … FULL HOUSE ! 😍 NOBODY does free admission; I mean nobody ! The track looks awesome, the stands are full, and the car count is high with 8 classes running! This makes my heart so full! Awesome job Mike & Kyle ! ❤️ way to promote the passion we have and the people we call family!”

– Tony Powell, Thank you! My family can’t get together for anything. Almost all of us there for this. Nicely done.

– Bob Sanchez, Hat’s off great job that’s what makes that track the best in the mid-west. I-35 Baby.

– Michelle Turner Elder, Happy to see – full parking lot – full stands!!!

– Dean Truelove, Boy ol boy. Look at that crowd. Mr and Ms. Johnson, you guys hit it out of the park. I walked through the stands and thought OMG this is great. Congratulations on a great show. See ya’all next weekend.

– Tammi Hurkman, What a great cold night for some racing, you guys rocked it last night. Couldn’t have had a better date night with my hubby. Ty!!

Could you imagine how great it would have been if we had 70 plus degrees and sunny all day?