Thank you, Mother Nature! All week the weather forecasters had dire predictions for Saturday racing. Saturday morning the radar display indicates wet weather around the Kansas City area. However, as the weather would get closer to the actual location of the track, dissipation, nothing, just cloudy skies. Track is dry, so now the behind the scene question, when do you start watering? Dirt tracks must be watered for fan enjoyment and for race car traction. Some drivers prefer a wet track also known as “heavy” and some drivers prefer a dry track also known as “dry slick” more like asphalt.

By noon the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. But oh, those pesky forecasters, they create more fear in us, what we must understand is those on television base forecasts on ratings and they don’t exactly forecast for the specific location of the track. They do however create issues for track operations, because of their forecasts! When to water, will race cars come, will race fans come, and of course the numerous questions via the phone, via Facebook, via text, and we answer as quick as we can. Please understand we are constantly trying to get the word out about the track and about the racing plans while preparing for the night’s event (track watering, trash barrel distribution, moving equipment in place, concession prep, etc.).

One quick way to keep up with track plans is simply to join the I-35 Speedway text group, via this group you will learn about schedule updates and changes via text, on your cell phone text 81010 and type the message @racei35. You will then be added to the text group to get the latest information.

Mother Nature even intervened during intermission gently adding a little water to the track. The Vintage race cars and Bridgeman Tow packed this moisture in making for a fantastic track. Race Car Drivers were raving about the great track conditions and asking me to forward their comments to Mike Johnson who is very meticulous about track preparation! Even received a great comment on Facebook, From Chris Schofield, “I have to say….the track was the best I’ve seen. And the little sprinkle we had only helped it. Great racing tonight in all the classes. Hats off to the track crew at I-35 Speedway Winston”.

It was great racing all night, Jacob Blair writes a superb race recap found in the weekly program, on our Facebook page, and website, Immediately after the races watch the I-35 Speedway Facebook Live race recap with track announcers, Jacob Blair and Mark Merrell as they provide a quick synopsis of the fun night of racing.

Had fun interacting with the fans. One young man stopped and asked about the ATV racing on Sunday. We continue to see new faces every week at the track even some friends from church. Speaking of the ATV racing the group leading this event reported for a first-time event, again with thunderstorms in the area, was five times better than most first time events with great weather. They were fully pleased, and we look forward to the additional ATV events scheduled for June 17, July 15, August 19, and September 16. So much fun was experienced there may be more additions to the schedule.

Eighteen and under Free every week for the remainder of the year. Great date nights for the young folks, great fun for everyone! Remember, at I-35 Speedway we love our sport, we do this for Fun, where else would you want to be on Saturday night and now those special Sundays?