What a great Memorial Day weekend night of racing! Ninety-Two racecars in the pits! Perfect weather! Lots of Fun! Superb racing! Lots of Fans! Fun, fun, fun.

So, what was so fun behind the scenes – try some of our support workers helping out throughout the night! We were short a scoreboard operator, so I asked Creed Wilson, Bud Wilsons’ son if he would like to try doing it, not only did he try and succeed but at one point he turned to me between races and said, “Hey JD I need to go get my drink, take over!”. I laughed most of the night on his confidence. Creed’s one concern was he had a Power Wheels race at intermission and wanted to make sure he did not miss his race. A future true racer!

More support people stepping up, Pit Stop Catering, Shawna and Myron Powell along with Shelby Manthe helped during intermission in the concessions. Funny story is I walked in to hear Shawna tell one of the other workers this was her first night! Yeah right. Yep, Pinocchio lives even at I-35 Speedway. Oh, the fun even behind the scenes.

How about our first Figure 8 race, that was fun. Originally, we had 6 racecars scheduled for competition but after running their heats and features we lost a couple, but even with 4 cars it was exciting. We are aware of some racecars being built to come compete strictly in Figure 8 as we work to grow this form of racing. Congratulations to Houston Johnson, who looked like a natural in the Figure 8 race, as the first winner. More Figure 8 races to come during this season.

Hey, a shout out to the Sport Compact class. In seven weeks of racing six different winners! In A Mods there have been four different winners, in B Mods five different winners, E Mods have enjoyed three different winners, four different winners in the Pure Stocks, three different winners in Stock Cars, and two different winners in Grand Nationals.

Finally, I want to take a moment and mention sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is defined as “A driver, participating in active competition, that shows skill in and devotion to racing, with conduct becoming a sportsman; which involves honest rivalry and graceful acceptance of results”. Our April 28 B Mod winner Ethan Isaacs was involved in a heat race accident going into Turn 1 which took his car over the berm and for a few moments was scary as his car and the other car were airborne. His Facebook post when asked what happened says it all about sportsmanship, something for all those giving after the season sportsmanship awards, to consider. His post, “Just bad racing luck. Got caught up in a racin deal I guess is what you’d call it goin into turn one of the heat race. Luke had engine problems. Frustrating night for sure but that’s racin! Everyone at I-35 Speedway Winston thanked us for being there though! Sometimes the little things like that go along way!”.

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I-35 Speedway received a compliment from local law enforcement as they stopped by during the races. They too appreciate the new policy of 18 under getting in Free.

On to this next weekend where more fun will be had with the ULMA Late Models as our special class. Thank you, Matthew Lance for giving us a preview, he shook down his car this past Saturday and will be racing this next weekend, always great to see one of our former weekly competitors as he advanced in classes. Also, June 3, a special day for Diana and I, will also be another ATV Rodeo at the always fun I-35 Speedway.