Beautiful night of racing, 82 race cars in the pits, .75 inch of rain the night before, grandstands full of fans, twenty-two races, where else would you rather be on a Saturday night? What a great staff at I-35 Speedway the rain created challenges with the track but thanks to everyone’s hard work, Bridgeman Tow, track officials, track management come feature time the track was super smooth and super racy! Thank you everyone!

We had some new race fans checking out I-35 Speedway. North Kansas City Police Chief Steve Beamer and friends were making their first visit to the track. Former asphalt racer Mark Pier who competed at I-70 and Lakeside Speedways during the asphalt days and will be at the asphalt racers reunion on July 21 at I-35 Speedway was in attendance enjoying himself with his family. Oh the stories we could tell from those days.

Track announcer Mark Merrell should be back with us this next weekend. Thank you, Jacob Blair for announcing solo these past two weekends including giving up racing this past Saturday night. During the driver’s meeting this information was told to the drivers who applauded Jacob for his support.

How about those A Mods? Two weeks in a row green flag to checkered and what a race, the best of the best was in attendance and put on quite the race. Mark Dotson took the lead early, Darron Fuqua and Dennis Elliott battled lap after lap after lap for second place with Darren Shaw in striking distance if they bobbled. Awesome racing! Want more awesome racing, Stock Cars every week are trying out the track in preparation for the June 16 Gary Davis Memorial race which pays $3,000 to win, $2,000 for second, $1,000 for third and $215 to start the feature. This week it was Abe Huls who drove from Carthage Illinois to compete and win. If you are a Stock Car fan, June 16 is shaping up to be quite the field of Stock Cars.

All in all, this past weekend you received 22 races for your admission ticket, one of the best deals in the racing area! We had lots of fun and the races were complete at 10:30 P.M. Again, back to the staff, thank you, thank you, thank you. Race fans thank you for using the trash barrels! This same staff helps turn the facility immediately after the races in preparation for the next event, in this case the next day the ATV Shootout.

Please follow us on Facebook at I-35 Speedway Winston and our website We will see you at the track this next Saturday June 9, 2018.