Heard a rumor and I am trying to chase it down. It concerns the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame and Museum. This rumor concerns a bylaws change that is up for vote supposedly at the next C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame and Museum General Membership meeting, which I was told was this next Sunday in Liberty, Missouri. The reason I use the words supposedly is I have not received anything in the mail/email advising of a meeting and/or what the agenda might be. Furthermore, I searched their website and the facebook page and nothing would indicate there is a meeting for a proposed bylaws change. They are required to follow the laws of the Internal Revenue Service who grant the 501c3, the State of Missouri, and Roberts Rules of Order.

The rumor is the Officers and Board of Directors are trying to change the Bylaws so they remove the name Central Auto Racing Boosters from the organization, they remove any time limits on holding positions as an Officer or a Board of Director, and they remove the requirement they report to the members of the Central Auto Racing Boosters. This should have everyone in an uproar that has ever been a part of the Central Auto Racing Boosters.

The Hall of Fame function was added in 2003 with the first inductees in March 2004. Other than Debbie Bergman, none of the people on the current board were active in C.A.R.B. when this event and all the behind scenes work was accomplished to create the Hall of Fame.

I have sent a text message to the President of the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame and Museum but do not expect to hear back from her. I was wondering if I had her correct telephone number until it was published in a Central Missouri Speedway Press Release as the number to contact for their banquet tickets. When Bob Libbey passed I contacted her to no avail and eventually sent a text message requesting information on when Bob worked at CMS as the announcer. A week later I received an email from her listing everything that was in the First 50 Years of the Central Auto Racing Boosters Book, which we worked as a team and published in 2002. This book was the prelude to what became the Hall of Fame!

It would seem this organization may be guilty of discrimination by the lack of communication when asking a question. It also seems there is a proposed bylaw change they do not want the membership to be aware of because I cannot find any information on the meeting or the proposed bylaw changes. If anyone is aware or can confirm this information and if it is true then those of us who care about the Central Auto Racing Boosters and our past history should show up at this supposed meeting, vote down their rumored changes, and let them know this organization belongs to the Central Auto Racing Boosters members!