This Daytona 500, despite the rain delay was one of the best ever.  I hated to hear Clint say the car had lost a cylinder but that allowed me to switch over and listen to Carl and Dale.  I was happy to see Dale win but I easily would have enjoyed Carl winning also.  As for the #3 being back on the track, it was good to see, Dale Sr. will always be the Goodwrench #3.
During the rain delay, we took cover under the grandstands and started receiving numerous text messages from friends and family back home.  The PA system at the track is not very good under the grandstands so we appreciated the text.  We were watching the storm and thought we saw a couple of funnel clouds.  Prerace was awesome, something everyone needs to experience at least once.  This track is amazing considering it was originally built in 1959.  The history of this place is like no other racetrack on the circuit.  The changes at the track will be amazing, looking forward to seeing the completed project in 2016.  This might have been the last year anyone could get up close to the track as the cars went by as the new grandstands will be further back from the track like Kansas Speedway (a much needed safety feature required of modern times).
Even if Danica never wins a race she is a winner. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. The 50 and 60 something’s have broken down the color barrier for our children. Even though it has gone somewhat the other way where the minority need to accept this has happened.   Our children do not see color, we need to do the same thing in racing.   Danica is not the first woman in racing but what she brings is a fan base that covers our future.  Her marketing campaign is to be admired and copied.  Watching all the little girls wearing Danica shirts and the little girls attending ensures our sport’s future.   How many little girls will grow up wanting to become a racecar driver?  Yes someday I  can see a woman winning on the largest stage, hopefully in my lifetime.   It will take the old guard passing on before it can happen but age does that to us whether we like or not.  I do not want to see Richard Petty racing Danica simply because it reminds me of Billy Jean King versus Bobby Riggs (which was a joke of a tennis match but we all watched).  Let Danica be what she truly is an idol to all the little girls in the world.
Weather was nice except for the rain.  As we head home to cold and snowy weather we will miss the temperatures, the beach, the fun.  However, we will see everyone at your local racetrack in the near future.  It will get warmer, maybe this is winter’s last hurrah, we can only hope.