Beautiful weather, beautiful new stadium, and a very good and exciting race. This race was dominated by those starting in the Top 10. Joey Lagano would seem to have the best car and the upper hand as he continually wanted to race, if the pack was low he wanted to go high. He two stepped tandem pushing the car in front towards the front until he was warned along with the entire field they could not lock bumpers. Of course he had a good point does NASCAR want a race or a follow the leader event?

After green flag pit stops it became apparent who the top 10 were in the race. This was all great until a yellow flag 15 laps from the finish. A critical decision faced Lagano, take the high side or low side. After much discussion which included he did not trust those who would be lined up behind him on the low side and if needed he could protect the middle by taking the high side, he made the decision to take the high side. This decision opened the bottom for second place at the time Chase Elliott. When they returned to green the outside line go strung out not allowing Lagano to advance like he anticipated. In fact he spent the last five laps just catching up to Elliott. Coming out of turn 4 to the trioval it did appear Lagano would catch Elliott except the 88 of Elliott became a four lane blocking machine ensuring Lagano could not pass. Then switching over to listen to the winner celebrate on the radio I hear, we just ran out of fuel, thus, no winning burnout. That my friends is destiny as he captured the win with the team figuring the correct gas mileage! Congrats Chase!

Now if the Daytona 500 can be just as exciting. We have met numerous Clint Bowyer fans some from West Virginia, some from Blue Springs. It has been exciting seeing all the Chiefs and Royals shirts and hats at this year’s Daytona 500. Go home boys, Clint, Carl, and yes even Jamie!