Gary Davis 66 Memorial at I-35 Speedway – HUGE SUCCESS! Ninety-Seven race cars in competition and it could have been ninety-nine except two of the three late arriving E Mods could not unload quick enough and get into the lineup as their feature was pulling onto the track. Almost a standing room only crowd came to witness this second edition of the Gary Davis 66 Memorial Stock Car Race. Thirty-One Stock Cars came to compete for the $3,000 first prize, $2,000 second prize, $1,000 third prize, and a minimum of $215 to start the feature.

First let me state thank you God for bringing Gary and Vicki Davis into the racing community and into my life. Gary was a rival at one time on the race track and yet a friend. My mistake of spinning him in a race led to the rule which has become somewhat universal, the person spinning another driver going to the back with the driver which brought out the yellow. Additionally, Vicki drove my car to a Powder Puff Derby feature win. We raced together and then later we officiated together.

Gary passed from cancer. Vicki was going to see an eye doctor and Gary told her make him an appointment also. The discovery of a tumor was surprising and eventually led to his passing. Vicki took it upon herself to create this race in his memory and when circumstances allowed she willingly moved the race to I-35 Speedway. The third edition will once again be at I-35 Speedway in 2019!

Let me tell some of her behind the scenes work to make this race a reality. She hustles sponsors for this race to make the payout and combined with I-35 Speedway’s payout made for a super fantastic payout for the Stock Car class. Additionally, there was no registration fee for this race, the rules were opened to allow other Stock Car series at other tracks and sanctions to come race. She hustles raffle items, so the fans can participate and win prizes! She organizes a team to help her. Give her credit her work in the memory of her husband and her work in the racing community is unparalleled. She is a true asset!

More and more drivers are finding their way to I-35 Speedway. This competition on the track this last week was some of the best racing for competitors and fans. There were drivers who ventured to I-35 Speedway to prepare for the upcoming Hot Summer Series. We had a couple of new winners in the classes. Several mentioned to me they love the track and the competition. One area all drivers agree is we need standardized rules. It seems every track wants their own rules which keeps drivers locked to their track and not able to travel. At I-35 Speedway we accept other track rules and were active this past winter in working to standardize the E Mod rules and at one point thought three tracks would have the same rules only to have each of the other two tracks go their separate way.

This week we have another family working behind the scenes to bring us the 7th Annual Racin For Rian. Baby Rian was born to Amanda and Bud Wilson and they only had her for 30 hours. The St. Lukes NICU Unit was very supportive providing a package of their lost daughter which included a lock of her hair, pictures of her in a dress, and other items. This event led to the creation of this race. The family of Bud Wilson has been working behind the scenes to continue the efforts started Bud and Amanda started. We look forward to seeing everyone for the 7th Annual Racin for Rian.