Today’s inductee into the Hall of Fame is someone we take for granted because as it seems he has always been there! He is a true supporter of the sport of auto racing and has been for numerous years. He has been a pitman, a photographer, an officer and lifetime member of the Central Auto Racing Boosters, a car owner, a racing father, and an originator. So, as you can see he has been around for awhile and we sometimes just accept that he is there and forget how his place in racing has been successful and supportive!

He began his journey across the fence from race fan to racing involvement by becoming a pit crewman with his friend Marvin Storey. Storey’s father, Cliff owned racecars and many drove for him including the late great Jud Larson. He became a pit crewman at Lakeside Speedway for Sam Cunningham who had a young driver by the name of Dennis Melvin. He also would pit for Tom Bierman and Larry Miller getting to know Hall of Famer and Superb Racecar Driver, Terry Bivins, who drove for both owners.

In 1983 our inductee purchased a camera and was taking pictures from the pits at Lakeside Speedway. Then photographer Bill Bruton came up and asked our inductee if he would like to take over for him. After a week of deliberation, he agreed to replace Bill but then had to have the approval of the track owners. Obviously, that was no hurdle because he became the Lakeside Speedway track photographer at the original and present locations of the track through 1994. In 1988, Randy Roberts asked him to be the I-70 Speedway photographer. Many of our racing history photographs can be traced to our inductees original endeavors into our sport.

But wait his history and place in racing was not done when he quit taking pictures, no he did even more! After the Central Auto Racing Boosters held a very successful first Bowlathon and just completed their 25th this year, this gentleman made a proposal at the November 1994 General Membership Meeting to add a golf tournament. Then President Diana Green asked him to head up his proposal and in 1995 the first C.A.R.B. Golf Tournament was held at the Chapel Woods Golf Course, on June 3 this year the event will make the 24th Annual Golf tournament. It is no easy chore to put on a golf tournament much less be involved for 24 golf tournaments! All in the name of supporting our great sport of auto racing and having fun while we do it!

Speaking of fun, he became a car owner for his son who competed on the asphalt at Lakeside and I-70 Speedways in the Charger class. He was still the racetrack photographer and kept the camera clicking while his son and I were involved in a very serious accident into the end of the infamous and dangerous turn 3 at Lakeside Speedway. Fortunately, we all walked away somewhat unscathed, but we had lots of work to do to return to the racetrack. His son went on to become a 13-time winner in the Charger class at Lakeside Speedway per the records of Bob Libbey.

Along the way today’s inductee served the Central Auto Racing Boosters as Vice President for four years, Blood Bank Chairman numerous years, President for two years, and Co-Chairman of the Ride for Victory, along with his wife. The Rides for Victory were a huge endeavor in support of the Victory Junction camp to be built in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Chairing these events and coordinating all the help was a huge task, but it was done and very successful! The Central Auto Racing Boosters were able to present to Mike Lepore and Pattie Petty at each of the 2009 and 2010 banquets a check for $10,000. None of this could have happened without today’s inductee, Skip Richardson’s love for our sport!

Skip and his wife Carrie have been the behind the scenes workers at the racetracks for what seems like a lifetime. Skip has stepped forward and led without the desire to have leader written behind his name, he just does it. Isn’t it amazing what a group of people can do together when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit! It is only at times like this when we look back and we put the pieces together we see those who deserve to receive recognition for what they have accomplished! Skip you deserve this honor and Carrie along with you have been integral parts of the racing community. Thank you for all you have accomplished!