Another week another great track. This night had two extra features to finish from the September 24, 2016 races (A Mods with 5 laps down and the Sport Compact). If we confused you, we apologize, but these races were scheduled after the Mod Lite heat races. The reason was simply to give the drivers a track most similar to what they were competing on the night of September 24. The A Modified and Sport Compact drivers appreciated this move.

Personally I saw only bits and pieces of the races, except I did take the time to watch the A Mod feature. Wow, what great racing I saw in that race and in the bits and pieces of the other races. I saw the start of the B Mod race and it was totally cool, the top 3 drivers were side by side most of the initial laps of the race until the first yellow came out. The E Mod race had an exciting finish, a car spun in turn 2 as the leaders were coming to the checkered out of turn 4. The spin in turn 2 diverted attentions from the close racing at the front of the pack. This led to many missing the action which led to two of the three leaders getting together. From eye witness accounts when the leaders got into each other this was truly a racing incident.

You know what was most appreciative was the post-race action of those involved in the E Mod race. None of the drivers jumped on Social Media claiming blame, none of the drivers pointed fingers, and none of the drivers made themselves out as victims. Instead they accepted the results as racing and went on about their business. Sportsmanship in one of its highest forms, graceful acceptance of results.

Did you know one driver finished the race with his eyes closed! Yes, he admitted as the was taking the checkered flag his eyes were closed.
The Power Wheel races have become some of the most watched races of the evening. Everyone should pat themselves on the back for rooting on the next generation of racer. The children competing are having a blast and some are already learning how to make the racetrack shorter (which the officials did not let go by). Believe it or not the Power Wheel racers may lead to something in the youth area blossoming at I-35 Speedway, research is underway.

I understand there will not be a program this week for the Show Me Spectacular so this will be an online recap. Make your plans to be at the last three races of the season starting this week with the Show Me Spectacular which includes the WAR Non Win Sprint, the USRA A Mods, USRA B Mods, E Mods, Midwest Lightning Sprints, Mod Lites, Pure Stocks, and Sport Compacts. A couple of these classes were added for the race fan benefit as owners Mike and Kyle Johnson want the race fan to get the most racing for their money. $1,500 to win for the A Mods, $750 for the B Mods, and $500 for the E Mods should make for some exciting competition!

October 22 and October 29 will close out the 2016 racing season. USRA points run through the end of the month so we are providing an opportunity for the racers to get the most races they can in the books to finish as high as they can in the national points. From the USRA Rule Book: “National points will be awarded to each driver based on his/her best twenty (20) points nights in class from March 4, 2016, through October 30, 2016”.
November 12, 2016 will be the season ending banquet in Jamesport. Tickets are available at the office and fans, drivers, pit crews, track workers, and officials are welcome to purchase a ticket and come see the drivers and other’s receive their awards for a great 2016 racing season.