“I get all these?” said the boy to I-35 Speedway Concession Cashier Cheryl as she gave him his bubble gum he just purchased. This same statement could be said from the race fans in attendance at I-35 Speedway as 116 racecars came to compete. The same could be said about Luau Night at I-35 Speedway as numerous fans came dressed in their favorite Hawaiian outfits. The same could be said about all the children competing in the foot races at intermission as we had brought up 50 trophies and had to go to the barn and obtain more. The answer to the question, “I get all these?” was yes, yes the boy received all his gum, yes there were 116 competitors in the pits, yes we had Hawaiian dressed race fans, and yes we gave trophies to all the foot race competitors.

One hundred and sixteen cars equaled eighteen heat races, one b feature, and 8 feature events. The race fans at I-35 Speedway get the most racing for their money! All the great racing occurred on a great track and once again Mother Nature helped out by delivering an inch and a quarter moisture in overnight storms. Mike Johnson and Mike Knight along with the officials worked to get the track into race order and at the conclusion of the night, Casey Shuman of the Wingless Auto Racing Series had advised it was the best track that series had raced on all year! Numerous drivers were raving about the great track conditions on social media.

Each week more and more people are bringing their own lawn chair and utilizing the lawn chair area. One of these days I hope to get a picture of that crowd, they are forming their own little group.

Tech was a little different this week as we took the top 4 or 5 in points to the tech area instead of the top 4 from the feature finish. There are always some interesting conversations in tech, but one of the most pleasing was watching E Mod Driver Randy Smith congratulate E Mod Driver Derek Carney. It is fun watching this group go out have fun and come in and talk about their racing. Speaking of the E Mods the top 8 in passing points redraw their starting feature position each week. Previously we have mentioned how lucky Matt Dorssom is at the draw, well Randy Smith is the opposite he draws the numbers 6, 7, or 8 almost every week, maybe this week it will change. The Stock Cars took a little longer than normal as we pumped their cars to check cubic inch size. What a competitive class though? Speaking of competition, the B Mod class now has eight different winners in nine weeks of racing, talk about parity!

Racinboys Kirk Elliott and Scott Traylor were in attendance. Scott drove in from Michigan. They got to observe the great crowds and great car count I-35 Speedway has been experiencing every week. Also this week a light in turn 4 has been replaced providing more light for everyone in this turn.

This week I-35 Speedway will be invaded by Joe Kosiski’s Super Late Model Racing series. The 2016 racing schedule has seen quite a bit of diversity from Sprint Cars to Mod Lites to Vintage cars and now this big time series of Late Models. Mike and Kyle Johnson have done a great job of bringing in these different classes so we get to see all the competitors in the region. Just like the boy in the first paragraph, “I get all these?”, yes at I-35 Speedway with all the variety we get to see the Late Models.

Thank you Seeburg Muffler for your sponsorship to last week’s events. This week it is Malvern Bank Night at the Races. For those coming in and needing a place to stay from out of town, America’s Best Value Inn has an I-35 Speedway discount in Cameron, Missouri.