To you the I-35 Speedway race fan a tip of the hat! We thank you for your business and your support. We thank you for supporting the track when the weather is not ideal! Race night 2 the weather was not ideal.

During the race season there are not many people who watch the weather forecaster predictions more than racetrack owners. They watch the weather forecast on all the news channels, they watch the weather forecast on numerous internet sites, and they watch the weather forecasts on their smart phones. On this day all the forecasts called for a temperature in the low 60s and windy, with the wind dying down about dark. Early in the season that is perfect racing weather! However, what was forecast and what we received are sometimes two different things. We never made it out of the 50s and the winds picked up throughout the night of racing, so much for the weather forecast! So thank you race fans for coming and supporting the racers and the race track on this night.

This was also a night of firsts as discussed in last week’s race recap. The ULMA Late Models were in attendance for the first time in their history. What a great race they put on, in the 20 laps of feature racing they only had one yellow. Early leader Chris Smyser jumped out to an early almost straight away lead but right before the yellow he was being caught by David Melloway and Jason Bodenhamer. After the restart it became a three way battle for the lead. Melloway jumped to the lead with Smyser and Bodenhamer in chase. At the finish Melloway claimed his first ULMA feature win and completed a 3 hour start to finish night of racing.

Congrats to Matt Dorssom (E-Mod), Austin McKinzie (Pure Stock), Travis Walker (Charger), Nic Hanes (B Mod), Jason Estes (Stock Cars), and Cory Wray (A Mods) on their wins. The racing in all these classes were tight with the Charger drivers coming across the finish line side by side. Each and every week I-35 Speedway has great tight racing where the top drivers come to compete.

Oh and back to the weather, what a week it was, mowing was accomplished in the unforecasted rain/sleet, track work was delayed until Friday because of rain on Wednesday, and the gale force winds challenged the banners and signs found around the track. So despite the weather, we thank all the racers and race fans who patronize I-35 Speedway every week. Thank you!