Final Recap for 2017. What a year it has been! 516 different drivers were in competition on the super fast 3/8 mile track this year during the weekly series. Of the 516 drivers there were 81 different A Mod drivers, 88 different B Mod Competitors, 59 different E Mod Competitors, 26 Grand National Competitors, 18 Competitors on the Midwest Lightning Sprints, 27 different drivers in the Midwest Outlaw Vintage, 31 Non Wing Sprint Car Competitors, 43 Pure Stock drivers, 23 Show Me Vintage Competitors, 44 Sport Compact drivers, 60 different Stock Car drivers, and 17 ULMA Late Models.  What a great variety owners Mike and Kyle Johnson provided for our viewing pleasure.

One thing simply amazing all year was the number of close finishes at the track. The kind of finish where two people standing next to each other could be in disagreement over what they just witnessed. That means great exciting racing and a great track!

Now as for the last night, the B Mod feature, 19 cars strong, wow, wow, wow. Should have been there, three drivers could have pulled off the win, Ryan Gilmore, Bud Wilson, or Nic Hanes. Wilson led early, Hanes grabbed the late middle and Gilmore led the last couple of laps but with all that stated it was one of those hold your breath this is exciting races. Gilmore and Hanes splitting lapped traffic to come across the finish line bam, bam, bam. Gilmore with the win.

Congratulations to our Champions, Dennis Elliott in the A Mods, Dean Wray in Stock Cars, Cletus Murray in Pure Stocks, Bud Wilson in B Mods, Randy Smith Jr. in E Mods, and Donnie Brown in the Grand Nationals. Congratulations are also in store to our great staff, they work behind the scenes for everyone’s enjoyment, form concessions, to officials, to track prep, to track maintenance, we are thankful for everyone.

We still have one more week, it is the season ending banquet this Saturday at the A.V. Spillman Center in Jamesport. Missed some of my favorite fans this past week, in particular the person who loves snow yet told everyone it was too chilly, say what?

2017 is now history plans are already in the works for 2018. Enjoy your off season we will keep you informed on all our future plans.