When visiting other racetracks do you observe the things they do that you may not have at your home track and copy their idea or do you look down on them. Examples of ways not to lead include making statements such as “I have been in the business for 40 plus years and there is nothing you can not show me”, or making statements like “that track is a dump”, or for the media publishing something to incite rumors or public backlash instead of researching the truth and publishing it (we have several of these in the racing community). Examples of copying great ideas, when we visited Lucas Oil Speedway they always have music playing in the background, when visiting Atchison County Raceway they have a great T-Shirt idea, and when visiting Humboldt Speedway their half barrel idea for trash is simply outstanding. All these ideas have or will be incorporated at I-35 Speedway. Safety ideas which are copied or implemented include the head and neck restraint systems, from a few years back the idea to box the rear trailing arm so it does not impale a driver, and window nets, if any of the ideas were not copied by someone leading the way then where would we be. Remember though all these ideas were implemented by someone leading the way.

Listed below are thoughts on leadership and how if we follow these it would make racing so much better in our community.

1. I will never know everything.

2. I will never turn down an opportunity to learn.

2. People shall always be put over programs.

3. My mistakes are learning opportunities.

4. Leadership begins when I can let go of myself, and allow God to lead through me.

5. My integrity carries more weight than my gifting.

6. The day I stop learning is the day I should stop leading.

7. I can always learn from the people around me. (No matter their title)

8. It is vital for me to have older/wiser accountability. (Someone who’s been doing this longer than me.)

9. The way I respond to destruction carries more weight than the way I respond to victory. Remember we are all human and make mistakes, admitting you make mistakes is the first step.

10. The way I live my everyday life is just as important as the way I lead a team or group. (If not more)