In the United States we are fortunate to have numerous heroes. Some consider racecar drivers heroes. Some consider actors and actresses as heroes. Some consider politicians as heroes. The truth is there are several heroes and they are the men and women who serve in the United States military. The military has provided us our freedom, our freedom to enjoy racing, our freedom to worship whom we choose and how we choose, the freedom to write blogs, the freedom to make choices. But the price of freedom is blood.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Thank you to everyone who has served! There is also another hero I choose to follow, he came to earth as man and he gave his blood for me and everyone else who chooses to follow. A hero is a person who is willing to give his or her life for someone else and in this country we live with lots of heroes.

There are heroes who give up a body part for another. There are heroes who give blood as often as they can. There are heroes who work in the medical field, who work in the security field, who work in the field of protecting us. How many little boys grew up wanting to be a fireman? How many little girls wanted to be a doctor? Those who saves lives are our heroes!

There are heroes like Gilbert and Elanor Kraus who went to Germany in 1939 and brought back 50 Jewish children to raise so they did not suffer the consequences of the concentration camps. Heroes like American Sniper Chris Kyle who saved many lives and then when home tried saving the life of his executioner. Paul Ray Smith (September 24, 1969 – April 4, 2003) was a United States Army Sergeant First Class who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While serving with B Company, 11th Engineer Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, Iraq, his team was attacked by a group of Iraqi fighters and after a short firefight he was killed by Iraqi fire.

I applaud all the racetracks who honored the servicemen this past weekend. You know most of the military men and women do not enlist to become heroes, they become heroes because of situations they are placed in. I applaud NASCAR for honoring the heroes of the military.

As for the man who gave it all for you and me that would be Jesus. Say a prayer today thanking him for what he has done for us and thank all the heroes in our lives because of them we live in a free country.