Racing 2015 could be called the year of the split, everyone wants to fix the sport or protect their share of the sport or take the sport their own way. Take the open wheel world in this area. The National Sprint League was formed this past year and had what appears to be a successful first season. They are now stepping up in the 360 world adding Tommy Estes Jr. to head up this class. For those who do not remember, Tommy Estes Jr. was Competition Director for the American Sprint Car Series (ACSC) from 1999 until 2011. Estes has scheduled a meeting from 1 to 3 P.M. in Sedalia, Missouri at the high school to explain his vision for the NSL 360 series. They do have a half a million point fund established.

Is this a battle with ASCS? In discussion with a local track owner, Emmitt Hahn, who started the ASCS in 1992 has been calling track owners and scheduled a meeting in Sedalia tonight. Regional touring series are lining up on each side of the Sprint Car world. The Warriors are lined up with ASCS. NCRA will be working with NSL. What does this mean for the Sprint Car world, ever since CART and the Indy Racing League this has been the norm in open wheel racing, split, split, split.

What is needed is someone with great leadership to put this all back together. Could someone be preparing to do this in the future? Time will tell, hopefully it is not all destroyed before it all goes back together.