Not often do I listen to the Racinboys radio show on Saturday morning because so little local information is ever discussed. However, this past Saturday we had the radio show on while traveling to pick up some calves and almost immediately Scott Traylor is displaying his grudge against me and the people who grew the Central Auto Racing Boosters to what is had become. He even pointed out I was not in attendance at the C.A.R.B. Banquet, the first we have missed since 1988, but family comes first and we were celebrating our Green Christmas with my folks and my sisters.

The other comment he made was the old regime had gone too long and it was time for the new regime to take over. Of course it was announced Skip Richardson will be the new president of the organization and Scott termed him a member of the old regime. Like a lot of Racinboy reports it would help if they would do their homework before making some of the statements they make. A good media person will put in the time to get the story not make up the story.

I do want to give credit where it is due, Scott and Kirk came to me at the 2006 C.A.R.B. banquet and asked me to write a blog for their website, that is how I got into the blogging world. Speaking of credit let’s start with a list of topics and events that were started by the “old regime”.

1993 – At the October Board of Director Meeting Board Member Wilma Claxton made a suggestion the organization hold a Bowlathon to bring the racing community together for a winter event. I met with Mickey Finn, Ron Hopper, and Jackie Taylor at the NKC Pro Bowl to discuss this event and we made it happen on February 12, 1994. Thirty-eight teams took to the lanes that first year, 44 the second year, and ever since all 48 lanes have been taken. This next year, 2016, will be the 23rd Bowlathon!

1994 – After the success of the Bowlathon, Skip Richardson proposed at the October 1994 General Membership meeting we hold a C.A.R.B. Golf Tournament. Even though the rains came on the first tournament this event will be entering its 22nd year this next summer.

1995 – After scrambling for a place to hold the banquet the past two years, Randy and Dana Ainsworth headed up a committee to find a new location. The former Gold Buffet was set to become Finnegan’s Hall. Their first ever event was the 1995 Banquet where 1005 tickets were sold for the banquet. We also found out the building did not hold that many but Mickey Finn had advised it would hold as many as we could sell so we did. It was that start of a great relationship with Finnegans Hall and though uncomfortable that first year we learned how to seat 800 and some of the best banquets were held at that location.

1996 and 1997 – The end of the racing season brought the October Volleyball tournaments. A time of camaraderie.

1999 and 2002 – The first of two seminars held in conjunction with Snake Saturday and the Clyde Ellis Race On. The first seminar concerned How to Get Sponsorship and was presented by Susan Shipman, Bruce Ross, and Tracy Hoffman. The second seminar in 2002 concerned safety and Dr. Robert Hubbard flew in to present the case for the HANS device.

2000 – The old regime bought the jaws of life for the fire crew at Lakeside and I-70 Speedways and gave $1,000 to Central Missouri Speedway for safety equipment to be purchased at that track.

2001 and 2002 – The First Fifty Years of the Central Auto Racing Boosters book was published in March 2002. A history of racing in the Kansas City area through the eyes of C.A.R.B. During 2001 there were numerous interviews and much work was being researched and accomplished at the Green home.

2003 and 2004 – Then President J. D. Green suggested the group work on making 1969 President Lee Fagala’s suggestion of a C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame a reality. A committee, appointed by President Green, begins the dream of accomplishing this goal. This culminated in the first annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 6, 2004.

2005 – The NO CARB, LOW CARB, ALL CARB Cookbook was published in November 2005. How many people still turn to this cookbook? C.A.R.B. also added a trailer to display the Hall of Fame inductee books.

2009 and 2010 – The Central Auto Racing Boosters conducted two “Rides for the Victory”. Again it was Skip Richardson’s idea and this led to us giving Pattie Petty a check for $10,000.

2011 – The last year of the “old regime” and the mistake of which I take credit/blame the 501c3 quest. The 501c3 was obtained and probably the worst thing I ever did, in this Scott Traylor is probably correct I stayed too long and led to the split.

At the time of the “old regime” also known in those days as the Lakeside clique the organization had over $65,000 in three accounts, the general fund, the benevolent fund, and Hall of Fame and Museum fund.

During these years the “old regime” created the Virginia Nelson Award, Tom Karrick Award, the Linda Loos Award, and the Tom Wilson Media Person of the Year Award. These individuals were huge supporters of the Central Auto Racing Boosters and their passing was a huge loss to the racing community. The awards in their names are cherished!

What has happened since the “old regime” left office, there has been less camaraderie, the split of the Hall of Fame and Museum has led to two C.A.R.B.s, they do not have meetings together anymore, the Hall of Fame works to separates themselves, tracks no longer are having banquets with C.A.R.B., financial reports are nowhere near what they once were in fact there is probably less money today than when the “old regime” was booted out. Getting an annual financial report from the Hall of Fame and Museum took a registered letter and almost three months of request.

So we should all be happy Skip Richardson from the “old regime” is now going to be the C.A.R.B. President. His task is daunting but if those from the new regime will join with him C.A.R.B. needs to work on being one again. Those wanting to stay split should be booted out.

As for Mr. Traylor and his continued grudge against me, Scott you are forgiven, it is time for bygones to be bygones, quite honestly. You are deserving of an award for your longevity on the radio and making Racinboys what is has become. Remember in 1997 when you and Tom Wilson started this show the Central Auto Racing Boosters and Diana and I were working in the background to make you the success you have become, we still have copies of the flyers we would hand out at all the C.A.R.B. events.

Let’s pray unity takes over and the Central Auto Racing Boosters again become the success they have been in the past.