Kid’s Night 2015 – Super Night, Super Racing Action, Super Excitement, Super Fun! Two hundred and thirty eight backpacks with school supplies were handed out with a huge assist from Teacher of the Year, Donn Harrison. Donn also served as the flagman for the stinky feet races and every child in attendance left with a backpack and a trophy! Thank you Donn for your help and hopefully in the future we can utilize racing and racecars to assist with teaching the children.

All night long the racecar drivers interacted with the children. A table was setup next to the concession stand for the drivers to provide autographs. At the drivers meeting we asked each class of driver to show up after their heats and during intermission we requested the point leaders be at the table and sign autographs. This was warmly welcomed by the drivers and walking past the table there were lines of children wanting to get their favorite drivers autograph.

The super racing occurred on the super smooth racetrack provided weekly by the efforts of Mike Knight and Mike Johnson. Fans enjoyed extra features as the night began with makeup features for the Grand National and B Mod classes. Ninety five racecars were in attendance for the 13 heat races and 8 feature events (the best racing value for your money in the area). The racing was close with side by side passes at the checkered flag, last lap passes, and surprise winners. All that kind of racing leads to a super fun super exciting night.

Congratulations to Donnie Brown and Tim Eaton on your makeup feature wins. Congratulations to Anthony Asher who trailed John Brown for several laps before passing him with two to go to win the E Mod feature. Congratulations to Mich Ross in winning the Hobby Stock feature. Congrats to Loney Farly in winning the vintage race. Bud Wilson held off the charging seven other drivers to win the Grand National feature then promptly jumped into the B Mod and won that feature by holding off a late outside pass by Tim Eaton. The Stock Car race was an exciting battle that eventually came down to Dean Wray passing Jason Estes after a long side by side battle. The A Mods was a three way battle between Derrick Hicks, Dennis Elliott, and Darren Shaw, with Hicks holding off the other two previous winners to claim his first feature race of the year.

Donnie Brown supported Kid’s Night by giving away 20 t-shirts to the first 20 to his trailer at the end of the night. We want to thank everyone who donated for Kid’s Night, and we want to thank all the ladies in the office and concessions who helped obtain the donations and stuff the backpacks. We also want to thank Sue Carlton for contacting Donn Harrison and coordinating his visit!