Labor Day weekend brought 85 cars to compete for the first place trophies. Come feature time the track had become a two, three, even four lane track, allowing the racers a multitude of paths to the checkered. The race fans enjoyed the competition of 19 E Mods, 4 Hobby Stocks, 10 Vintage racecars, 6 Grand Nationals, 18 B Mods, 12 Stock Cars, and 16 A Mods. These numbers led to 14 heat races and seven feature events. Congratulations to all the winners: Anthony Asher in the E Mods, Mich Ross in the Hobby Stocks, Damon Clevenger in the Vintage class, Donnie Brown in the Grand National class, Randy Ainsworth in the B Mods, Dean Wray in the Stock Cars, and Mike Dotson in the A Mods.
Seeing Clevenger and Ainsworth in the win columns on the same night brings back memories to 15 years ago when you would have seen those names in the win column at I-70 Speedway. Those two drivers must enjoy those interstate tracks, we are fortunate to have them as competitors here at I-35 Speedway.

Had some people ask this week what I do at the racetrack each week. Well for one I write this column, I set up the order of events, work behind the scenes with everyone, concession, race personnel, drivers, tech officials, loan my McCarthy Chevrolet truck as the pace truck when needed, hold the popcorn popper kettle while it pops corn when needed, help with funnel cakes, carry the finishes to the office, help in the office, help sell fuel, back up as race director, ensure lights get turned on when needed, help in concession, give breaks if needed, pick up trash, dump trash barrels, make trash barrels, write press releases when needed, review press releases, approve equipment purchases for track announcers, work on speakers, mow, weed eat (something that is one of my least favorite), meet with officials, meet with announcers, ensure open communications, repair computers when needed, ensure Speednet is up and working and uploaded at the end of the night, crewman on race teams, repairman until we get in touch with Tony, and whatever needs to be done at the track. Some ask about a title, never really believed in them but the title most used is Director of Operations.

I-35 Speedway continues racing through October 24, 2015. Tonight we will have the non wing sprint cars in their next to last appearance this season. They will be back for the Show Me Spectacular on October 10. The Midwest Lightning Sprints will grace the racing facility the next couple of weeks closing out our September schedule. In October we will hold races on October 3, the Show Me on October 10 and close out the season with Championship Night on October 24, which also happens to be the last night to earn USRA points in those classes. The 2015 Racing Season ends with our awards banquet on the evening of November 14 at the Cameron Community Center.