Rules, rules, everywhere are rules. All racetracks have rules, where to park, what you can put on your car, what you cannot put on your car, how big your engine can be in your car, what carburetor you can run, how much a car must weigh, what safety equipment is required, what fuel can be raced, what tires to put on the car, what wheels, what transmission, basically a who, what, when, and how description. Even as a race fan, tracks tell us what size cooler/bag we can carry in, even how many bags we can carry in. It is a racetrack official’s task to ensure everyone follows the rules, ensure there is no favoritism, ensure there is no bias, and ensure equality to the best of their ability.

Listed below are rules taken from a local racetrack’s website. The questions concern are the rules being followed and if not then why not? The rule is in italics as downloaded from the website.

These rules may be adjusted to ensure competitive fairness. So far this year the crate motors in this class have been at a huge disadvantage since weight was added to them. In a seven car field the one car competing with a crate motor has been finishing 6th. So the question is will the rules be adjusted to ensure competitive fairness or is this just fluff, a waste of a rule?

More rules: The top five (5) finishing cars in the feature events must cross the scales for weight check after the races. Cars not weighing the minimum for their class will be disqualified. This is a pass/fail weight check. Again from the same set of rules as mentioned above about competitive fairness:
a) With crate motor option: 2700 lbs. with driver at end of race.
b) Standard Two Barrel motor: A minimum weight of 2800 lbs. with driver at end of race.

For the last two weeks the person in a certain racecar at the scales was not the driver of the car on the racetrack. This week competitors in this class were taking pictures. Should there have been a disqualification, yes, per this tracks rules, but was there a disqualification, nope. So what gives, are there two sets of rules? Surely there is not favoritism!

Why make rules if they are not going to be enforced? Why have officials/workers if they are not enforcing the rules? Why invite people to your playground if there is one set of rules for everyone else and a different set of rules for yourself. Just like little children pretty soon there will not be anybody to play with because they will find friends who treat them as they would treat themselves.