Saturday morning first thing we all receive a text picture of the overnight moisture left by Mother Nature, but she also left sunshine and warmth and a breeze. Several hours later, the sunshine, warmth, and breeze led to a perfect racetrack, right amount of moisture (with a couple loads of water by Mike Knight) and the track was fantastically smooth. Drivers were talking about how great the track was prepared.

Did you notice the souvenirs when you walked in? Instead of a location next to the restrooms, the souvenirs were moved so you can get your favorite T-Shirt, racecar, ear muff, racing flags, etc. after you enter the grandstand area.

Did you know the funnel cake stand located next to the suites also has brownie bites? These brownie bites will satisfy a sweet tooth should you have the need. Some of us are already sweet enough, but I will say brownie bites are worth the trip to the funnel cake stand.
Want to take a moment to give a shout out to Rick and Allen Staley. Our announcers keep it rocking and rolling all night long. Rick plans the intermission activities and puts a lot of work in making sure the events happen. Now if we can just keep them from getting so excited at all the great close racing that occurs every week at I-35 Speedway.

Speaking of close racing, did you know we have had 7 different winners in the A Mods this year? Almost weekly the competition for first is a battle between Zach Sanders, Dennis Elliott, and Darren Shaw. We have had 8 different winners in the B Mods. On any given week almost any of the B mods in attendance are threat to win. E Mods have entertained 5 different winners, two Ashers, a Brown, a Bouzek, and a Mulich. The Grand National class has had 5 different winners and again on any given night it could be any of the drivers that start the feature. Hobby Stocks have also had 5 different winners and almost weekly two of them will find a way to put on a super close race. The Stock Cars have had 4 different winners, but which class races the closest first to last, and there are some names missing from this list.

Each week we end the driver’s meeting with the challenge “Have Fun”, we hope that as they have fun those not on the track are also having as much fun, whether watching the races as a fan, working on a pit crew, or working at the track in capacity.