As I stated in an earlier article, the idea to create and write stories about those in the local racing community came to me as I was traveling through Riverside and saw the sign for the E. H. Young Park. Our history needs to be captured and shared. That is my goal to capture the history from the years when Dad would take me to Lakeside Speedway, I-70 Speedway, and Riverside Stadium and the great racing family I have met along the way from fan, to racer, to C.A.R.B., to official, to writer, to whatever role I have enjoyed in this great sport. Some stories I have interviewed the inductees, some are just my personal observance. There are many who paved the way to where we are today. What is amazing is some of the stories from yesteryear remain the same today.

Recently, I have been asked to let everyone know when the banquet would be because they want to meet and speak with some of these inductees. I never intended to have a banquet, simply I wanted to capture the stories but in the process there are many who want to relive the moments with the inductees in person. Who knows maybe there are more stories to be captured? So, I want to announce I will be working with some of my North Kansas City contacts to schedule a Hall of Fame night. This will not be a formal event, no presentations, no plaques, it will be a meet at location, invite the inductees, let everyone know who will be there, and if you want to come visit with the inductees in a non formal atmosphere then you will be welcome to come. So be watching in the future for more news on this event.

There have been people I believe have been overlooked in the Kansas City racing community who have played an important part in promoting and moving the sport. Another Hall of Fame, of which I was an integral part of starting, has most recently reverted to inducting those who serve on their Board of Directors. The stories written for that Hall of Fame are not published for all to see, instead, those who control the voting control the paragraphs which are written and sent to the voters. We must capture our history and share it where the world can see! Thus utilizing the digital technology of today, let’s capture our history and share it will all the current generations in this country and on this earth. And for those who want to relive the stories in person let’s provide an opportunity for that to occur also. Stay tuned for the meeting announcement and stay tuned there are a couple of more inductees coming, one which may surprise everyone.