Showme 100, finally I got to witness the Showme 100! What a race and my second time to witness racing at Lucas Oil Speedway. The rainout of the final night and moving it to a Sunday allowed Mike, Kyle, Austin, and Houston Johnson to join Diana and I at this race. Normally on Saturday night you will find all of us at I-35 Speedway and furthermore Lucas Oil Speedway publicly welcomed Mike and Kyle Johnson to their track. That was a super nice compliment!

If you have not had a chance to visit Lucas Oil Speedway please add it to your bucket list of racetracks to attend. Forrest Lucas has built a superb facility around a dirt track that rivals the best you can find at any NASCAR facility. With that said it is not necessarily the facility that makes the atmosphere it is the racers, the crews, the fans, and most of the staff.

General Manager Dan Robinson leads a great staff that puts on a great show. Once you have been involved in track management you visit other tracks to steal their good ideas. Almost all tracks have some good ideas but at Lucas Oil Speedway they have great ideas. There were numerous ideas for improvements at I-35 Speedway, some to be implemented as soon as possible and some to come in the future.

To Dan and all the staff great job, I understand it was only the second night of a two day show which creates all kinds of challenges in and of itself from trash pickup to clean and preparing concessions twice within 24 hours. Great job staff pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Look forward to the next time I can visit Lucas Oil Speedway.