Just a quick note to say thank you to the owners.  The change for so many local area tracks to USRA rules is very welcome.  In 2009 a group of tech officials met twice in the North Kansas City area.  Bobby Lopez, Tom Mathison, Carl Flowers, Sam Stoecklin, Mike Johnson, and myself to work on standardizing stock car rules.  We were not successful because there too many variations of rules (Bobby printed out 26 area tracks and there were numerous variations of a stock car).  However, the one owner in attendance, Mike Johnson, did work with Marc Olson, then owner of Lakeside Speedway to create the Border War which applied to the Stock Cars at I-35 and the Factory Stocks at Lakeside Speedway,  This was a precursor to today.

What we found out back in 2009 was the owners were the ones who would have to standardize the rules.    Yes the ownership has changed at Lakeside Speedway but with everyone sanctioning USRA or following USRA rules it benefits the racer.  So who should we be thanking, who should receive the credit, the owners.  So THANK YOU, Mike, Dennis, Don, Mike, Ray, Ryan, and Dan you have made the Midwest racer and officials extremely happy.  Not only do they put their money on the line for us racers and fans each week but they are working together for the betterment of our sport.