Well the first month of the year is approaching the end that means race season is right around the corner. During these winter months what has your favorite track been doing to improve itself? Has your favorite track been busy painting? Have they repaired non-working scoreboards or added a scoreboard? Maybe they increased the pit space? Maybe more restrooms have been added? It won’t be long and we will all be able to see the improvements.

I-35 Speedway has added a lawn chair area, repaired a traffic light for the racers, worked more on the park area, stained the floor of the suite area, ordered new lights throughout the facility improving the lighting for the fans and racers, and expanded the pits even more. New sponsors will see the addition of a new bill board or two.

Central Missouri Speedway has been looking for a carpenter and paint contractor to complete some of the items listed above. Heartland Park Topeka is reopening with new – old (they promoted the track for one year under Ray Irwin) promoters the Lowrey Brothers. They will be hard at work putting together a schedule and cleaning up that facility.
Some tracks have improved themselves by adding a sanctioning body. While the full time racers, those who compete on more than one night, and they are ecstatic, the question becomes will the fans follow and will the racers follow? Most racers are truly one night a week racers.

All fans notice when a track is clean, when a track has nice restrooms, when a track has lights, and when a track is fun. Fans like to be entertained by great racing, great intermission activities, and a race program that is continually moving. So as you enter your home track this year look for the improvements and say something positive about it on Facebook. Share your experience so our sport will grow.