As promised this is the first in a series on unification, because Lord knows this sport needs some unification. I recently finished a series on who split the racing community and yet since then I have seen it split even more. To save our sport, to save ourselves, isn’t it time to work together instead of always splintering off into another group? I will say it again just like I did in the split series, it is time for jealousy and selfishness to exit the door.

Is our sport our dying? Turn on a NASCAR race and you can see the empty seats or the attempts to hide the empty seats. Same thing locally all you have to do is check out the photos, the videos, and the Facebook posts and you can see the empty seats. What has caused this, well for one we have a lost generation, but also those of us who still love the sport have to quit splitting it.

What do you mean we are splitting it? Well let’s start, IMCA, USRA, or outlaw? World of Outlaw Sprint, ASCS, or NSL? 305, 360, 410, or unlimited? A Modified, B Modified, E Modified? Wing or Non Wing? Lucas Oil Late Models, World of Outlaw Late Models, Super Late Model Racing, Midwest Late Model Racing Association, United Late Model Association? USMTS, UMP, WISSOTA? Stock Car, Street Stock, Pure Stock? Touring Series or Weekly Series? Show Me Vintage or Midwest Outlaw Vintage? Central Auto Racing Boosters or Hall of Fame and Museum (they have separate meetings but only one membership)? Passing points, point average, or some other form of lineup procedure?

Isn’t it time we start working together? We can continue down the current path and watch track after track disappear or we can start working together. All those splits listed above, believe it or not there is a solution, an answer, a way to get us all back on track. First and foremost we need to recognize there is only so much of the pie (money). We need to put others before ourselves (wow where have we learned that before? Do unto others as you would have done unto you). We have to learn to work together and quit worrying about who gets the credit!

We have to quit being jealous of the workers in the sport. We have to stop thinking of just ourselves and think of everyone, this applies to racers, to fans, and to track owners. The time has come to work together towards the common good of our sport. The time has come to apologize if apologies are due, to agree to disagree, but first and foremost to work together. Selfishness needs to go bye bye. Everyone needs to think and breathe what is best for the sport instead of what is best for them. We need to get united and that may mean taking some steps back! Stay tuned I will list some of my ideas in upcoming articles.