What an awesome week of racing. Tuesday, July 15, Lakeside Speedway hosted the Lucas Oil Late Models and the USMTS Modifieds. Thirty-six Modifieds and 31 Late Models arrived to challenge the half mile dirt of Lakeside. Clint Bowyer was in town to support his late model drivers at his home track and sign autographs for his race fans. Clint has not lost his roots like some of the NASCAR racers who formerly competed at this track. As reported by numerous race fans even though winners ran away with the race, it was some of the best racing they have seen recently.
For some of the local weekly racers they received the added bonus of getting to know Scott Bloomquist on a personal level. Bloomquist offered set up tips, talked about his history, and like most champions did a little studying and extra work testing various set ups. Reminds me of 2004 when Tony Stewart flew in and practiced on the Lakeside dirt to learn how Danny Lasoski kept his sprint car on the bottom of the track. Champions take the time to not only compete but they study and practice just like baseball and football players, after all practice makes perfect.
Friday night saw 71 cars compete in the four classes. The track was great, the racing was great, and the Border War money continues to flow between the two tracks. Those drivers not competing at both tracks are missing out on the Border War money. Maybe next year instead of track champions we could crown class champions based on the most points between the two tracks.
Speaking of both tracks the king of car count in the local area for this weekend was I-35 Speedway. There were 97 competitors in the pit area. The track hosted the Grand Nationals, the rapidly growing E(conomy) Modifieds, the USRA A Mods, B Mods, and Stock Cars, the Midwest Lightning Sprints, the Hobby Stocks, and the Mod Lites. The Mod Lites were new to I-35 but what a show they put on. All this and not to mention the make-up feature race for the Stock Cars from the previous week. This much racing drew the fans in to the point we had to have a Cameron run for more buns, what a great problem to have. The excitement is on at I-35 Speedway!
There are 10 weeks of weekly racing left before the USRA Nationals at Lakeside Speedway. This inaugural event is bringing in drivers testing and checking their cars before the season ending event. It was also announced there will be late models added to this weekend also. The real question is who will win the inaugural event? Their name will forever be etched into the record books.
Every week there is a ton of preparation to get these tracks ready from the track to the pits to the concessions to the cleaning (restrooms, suites, grand stands, terrace, parking lot, pits). Please be appreciative of the work everyone does to make your night enjoyable. These tracks are your tracks treat them like you would treat your own home.