Hot was the word for the week. Friday’s weather was the hottest of the year. Saturday the 20 percent chance of rain was actually 100 percent except this time of year the rain is more of a spit and miss. Guess what, we raced through the heat, through the showers, through the weather and what great racing we witnessed. After all that is what we come to the racetrack to enjoy, the good close racing.
This week we want to recognize Nan Ross, at Lakeside Speedwy, you know her as the pay lady. She has been working at Lakeside for over ten years. She is a very trustworthy worker who has worked the front gate, worked in the office, worked as a runner, worked wherever she may be needed. We have been blessed to have such a wonderful person represent Lakeside Speedway in a positive unselfish way.
Behind the scenes this week is finalizing the Wild West Motorcycle races on September 6, 2014. At that event (two races for one admission) we will be drawing the winner of the Worth Harley Davidson Model 72 Sportster. If you attended last week you were given an entry, hopefully you completed it and turned it in at the Speed Shop. You must be present to win the motorcycle. If you are interested in working the motorcycle races please make the office aware, we are in particular need of a few girls. Lakeside Speedway will be rocking and rolling on September 5 and September 6.

Eighteen weeks down and ten to go, not counting the USRA Nationals which will invade Lakeside Speedway on October 1 through the 4, 2014. Make plans now as we will crown inaugural winners of the first ever USRA Nationals.

I35 Speedway once again led the way with car count around the area with 78 cars. The night began with the makeup A Modified feature from a postponement two weeks earlier. This next weekend at I-35 Speedway it will be non-wing sprints and Kids Night as they all will receive a back to school backpack filled with back to school pencils, paper, and other school products.

Lots of racers and crew have been donating for the back to school backpacks. There should be a thank you to all them in this program. Lakeside Speedway’s back to school for the children will be August 8, 2014 (next Friday). It is great when the racing family works together to make children extremely happy, they are our future.

One last comment – try the popcorn at I-35 Speedway, it is the best in the area, versus other tracks, versus the movie theater, versus what you can prepare at home.