August, the month is upon us. August brings short fuses, worries about points, worries about things out of our control, worries about the season winding down, and just creates a time with new challenges. If you started from the beginning of the season, motors needed freshened, workers needed freshened, equipment needs freshened, the weather turns hot and challenges all of us. So everyone needs to count how many more races we have, be thankful for what we have done, and look forward to a great end of the season.

Friday was Oldtimers Night at Lakeside Speedway. It was great to see all the oldtimers and the vintage cars put on a great show for their fans. Yes there were five classes last week. Also the Lakeside Speedway Historical Room opened. Free to all attendees to Lakeside Speedway the room shares the history of the track for the last 60 years. It is located behind suites 7, 8, and 9, Some great stories were shared and the track has dedicated this room for all Lakeside racers to share their story, those from the past and those currently making history.
As for the racing, the Stock Cars had the most exciting feature finish as Brett Heeter passed veteran driver John O’Neal for the win at the line. O’Neal congratulated Heeter via facebook.

I-35 Speedway had 90 cars ready to race. Thank you to all the drivers, they made the night happen. Due to a miscommunication too much water was added to the track. It was slick for a bit but all the drivers came out made three to five passes helping us get the track ready for the night. Thank you drivers!!!!

Sprint cars invaded the track and put on a great show. Children received a free back pack full of back to school supplies in preparation for school starting. It was a busy night a fun night and an August night. This next week is back to school week at Lakeside Speedway.
This week’s behind the scenes person is the person who reached out and coordinated the back to school programs at both tracks. Diana Green put out the call and the items came rushing in, from drivers, from crews, from fans, all bringing items to be given away. Once the back packs arrived Diana coordinated the volunteers to put the packs together, at I35 Speedway she was assisted by Stacy Kline. To all who donated – THANK YOU! To those who put the backpacks together with the school supplies – THANK YOU. It takes a great team working together to make this event the great event it has become.