Week 20 is about the racing. The talent of the drivers at Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedway is some of the best in the area, maybe in the nation. We are blessed with veterans who have competed nationally, with young talent that is up and coming. The past two weeks, August 2 at I-35 and August 8 at Lakeside were back to school nights, thanks to everyone who donated, these nights were highly successful and ensure we have a future for our sport.

Let’s begin with edge of your seat racing at Lakeside Speedway. Young Grand National drivers 15 year old Houston Johnson and older brother 16 year old Austin Johnson put on quite a show in the feature. Houston claimed his first Lakeside feature, but fans enjoyed the battle they put on and point leader veteran Tim Shield was coming to do battle with the brothers at the end of the 15 lap feature. B Mods were not to be out done. This was a 3-way race between Chad Clancy, Shadren Turner and Ed Noll and continued lap after lap for all 15 circuits around the half mile track with Clancy pulling out the win. Veteran John O’Neal dominated the Stock Car class but there was an outstanding race going on for second. Last but not least the Modified feature was a three way battle with former national champion Kerry Davis pulling off the win with a pass out of turn 4 to the flag stand beating former leader Mark Schafman and youngster Tyler Schmidt to the line. Whew it was exciting just writing about those races.

You know the drivers were having fun as Schafman met Davis in the tech area and congratulated him on the win and a great race. Davis responded it was always fun racing with Schafman and Schmidt. Respect among drivers what a great thing!
I-35 Speedway racing was just as exciting with battles in the Stock Cars between Winner Dean Wray and Thomas Roberts, or how about Steven Glenn pulling out the win over Bud Wilson in the A Mods, Chad Clancy and Doug Keller in a tussle in the B Mods, or Kit Bailey over John Brown in the E Mods. Each week these drivers put on some of the best racing in the Midwest and hopefully you are always a part of it.
Behind the scenes this week, Mile Kraft and Cheesework videos which can be found on Youtube. It is amazing the effort Mike Kraft puts in to recording the races, editing, and publishing the races, but numerous drivers on Saturday can’t wait to watch the replays of their races from Friday. Saturday racers can’t wait for the Sunday publishing. What a great service this is to the racing community.

Speaking of youth in racing, Andrew Oskvig at 9 years old is making quite the little crew chief. He can be found in the pits helping out Chad Clancy, Austin Johnson, Houston Johnson, or any of several drivers. He is a bundle of energy making it from the suites to the pictures on the track in record time. Everyone was watching him direct Austin Johnson out of his pit area for his heat race at I-35 Speedway. Andrew would not direct Austin until all the other drivers had backed out, knowing Austin’s starting position was towards the back due to an unlucky draw. The future of our sport is bright with young men and women grabbing our sport and making themselves part of it.