Exciting weekend of racing at both Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedway. Eighty plus cars at both tracks created a ton of excitement. The change to USRA has increased car count at I-35 Speedway and has drivers travelling between the tracks. It also helps the Border War money paid to the highest three finishers from the other tracks feature event per class.
Lakeside Speedway probably had the farthest traveling spectator as Paul Carter had a friend from Osaka Japan in his pits. Hopefully she takes back with her the great sport we all love and the camaraderie which comes with our sport. It is not blood that makes us a family it is simply the love of our sport.

Behind the scenes this week let’s spotlight our scorers. Each track has two scorers, at Lakeside it is Dana Nieman and Wilma Claxton, at I-35 Speedway it is Wilma and Jamie Powell. In addition, Becky Kaster does the scoreboard and helps with lineups at Lakeside.
So what is a scorer, he or she is a person who sits and records the car numbers as they come across the start finish line. It is not an easy job, but if you think you can do it let me know we are always looking for scorers. Recording each lap of each race is only part of the job. They are the first at the track to sign in the drivers for the night, run the pill draw, and set the heat race lineups. They are responsible for inputting the data into the computer so we can upload the results via the speednet software, so fans and drivers alike can check the results at speednetdirect.com. Not only do they complete the above tasks but they are responsible for keeping the races moving. As heat races are finishing they have to figure the feature race lineups. It is even more critical to figure lineups when there will be a B feature run before intermission. Time is of the essence. Intermission arrives and the scorers are finalizing the feature lineups awaiting the roll of the dice. Of course then the feature begins with more cars and more laps and they are again recording each lap, keeping the flagman informed of the lap count, inputting the finish, and printing the payout sheet. Finally, if a driver so desires he or she can request to see the scoresheet and meet with the head scorer and race director if he or she thinks the finish is incorrect. So please thank the scorers when you see them, they keep the race show moving.

Weather was also an issue at both tracks this past weekend. Memorial Day weekend brings great racing to both tracks but also brings weather we occasionally have to dodge. The weather was just west of Lakeside almost all evening but was moving toward the west. At I-35 Speedway it was a matter of dodging the drips. The storms rolled through the area that morning causing other tracks to cancel their race programs. I-35 Speedway was the only local track which was able to race as scheduled, but Mother Nature would occasionally send us light showers. The Grand National and B Mod classes saved the track by making laps so they could provide a race for their fans. The B Mods in fact did such a great job they ran green to checkered. Congrats drivers and thank you.

Finally a press release was issued announcing I-35 Speedway is adding the E Mod class beginning this next week. There is and was quite a buzz as several were interested in this class. To give credit where credit is due, Atchison County Raceway created this class and we are utilizing their rules. We look forward to this new class and the drivers and crews who will be competing at I-35 Speedway. Welcome drivers, family, and friends of this class,