Letter to lakeside

With Danica Patrick and our own Jennifer Jo Cobb competing at Kansas Speedway this weekend, and this being Mother’s Day weekend, it s only appropriate we honor the women of our past who brought us to the point we are today. As you can see in this letter from 1974 this subject of women racing has been ongoing for several years. We have been blessed to see the Deckman girls, Blythe and Jacobee, win championships. My wife, Diana, and I raced two years together in the same class, four total with me maintaining both cars. Emmaline Hill was a former racer at both the old and new Lakeside Speedway. Grandma Vicki Davis was a winner, prior to jumping in her own race vehicle she won a powder puff derby on the asphalt track in my car, (she was really good in that car number 48 before Jimmy made it famous). Kerri Schaffner was a champion pony stock driver as was Elizabeth Harvey. Most recently Shelby Manthe was competing with the men in the B Mod class. So as much as the Midwest is laid back, we are progressive in honoring and respecting women drivers. Enjoy the article from 1974, a part of the new Lakeside Museum.