“Racin for Rian” what an event this has become, thank you Bud and Amanda Wilson. There is always a silver lining in every event that happens in our life, sometimes it is hard to see, sometimes it is hard to find, sometimes we don’t understand and we want to blame someone or something or God, but there is always a silver lining. So it is with Rian, this little baby girl in her passing inspired her parents who inspired track owners Mike and Kyle Johnson who inspired this night of racing and what a night it has become! To make this night happens it takes a team. A team of Rian supporters as evidenced by the fans, racers, and track workers wearing their lime green shirts. The silver lining is ultimately the assistance given to the St. Luke’s NICU from the racing family.

We want to thank Brian Butler, head techman at Lucas Oil Speedway, who visited I-35 Speedway this past Saturday. Brian assisted Bobby Lopez in teching the racecars. Since the advent of USRA racing at I-35 Speedway and most of the area local tracks we have seen higher car counts and a large reason is racers like to know everyone is competing on the same playing field. Tracks that tech usually have the higher car counts. The USRA tech guys share the information they find with each other which helps ensure what is found at one track is taken care of at all USRA race tracks. Again thank you Brian from making the trip to I-35 Speedway.

Food, if you get hungry or thirsty at the track, you have a choice of food locations and let’s give a hand to the workers who make all this possible. Let’s start at the south end of the track with the Trackside Bar and Grill. Did you know you can saddle up to the bar and order a meal and drinks? Yep there is a door from the grandstand side. Maybe you need a sweet tooth filled with funnel cake, down towards turn one before you get to the Bar and Grill door is the Sweet Shop with drinks and funnel cakes, umm umm. On the north side we have the Beer Shack where every week there is a new saying just tempting our taste buds. The north side concession is the opposite side of the ticket office and was it ever popular this past week. I stopped and volunteered to help and instantly got sent on a run for more food! Then of course if you are in the pits we have the pit concession next to the lineup board. Ever notice how most lineup boards are near the food?

This behind the scenes report would not be complete without thanking Mother Nature again. This past week she turned on the heat, late July early August heat in mid-June. That meant early to rise early to work days of trash pickup (please use the trash barrels when you can), track prep, and mowing. At the very least our summer tans are full on this year!
Great racing is still to come. 106 cars in the pit area this past week. The highest weekly track car counts in the area. Family fun during intermission. Our facebook social media post of the week comes from Cheeseworks Videos – “it goes without saying the racing was very good, you will get your bang for your racing dollar at I-35”. See you at the track!