Kids Night at the races at I-35 Speedway brings out the racecars, the race fans, and the children. What a great night it was with 96 racecars in the pits, a grandstand full of race fans, and over 225 bags of school supplies handed out. Thank you to all the racers, race fans, and donors who as a race family joined together to provide school supplies for the children.

What great racing we were able to witness. The B Mods would have gone green to checkered except for the one yellow caused by debris. To date we have had ten different B Mod drivers, eight different A Mod winners, four different Charger winners, five different E Mod winners, five different Pure Stock winners, and three different winners in the Stock Cars. That begs the question who is the person not named Wray or Estes to win in the Stock Cars?

The E Mod class continues to have fun. After their heat races the top 8 in passing points do a redraw. Randy Smith continues to be the unluckiest person at drawing. He is notorious for drawing the 8. This week he had a child draw for him, guess what, another 8. Maybe with his luck he might win the Hard Charger Award!

Mother Nature allowed the time to get the track worked this past week but was she ever rough at the start of the week. On Monday she decided the track needed 6 inches of rain and then added another inch on Friday. To work at a race track you have to be very flexible with your schedule.
Lots of planning and coordination was taking effect this past week in preparation for the Smokin Trackside BBQ and Brew Bash event. You have noticed the power poles added, now the electricity has been run. Teams were signing up to compete which requires administrative work.

Coordination with the sanctioning body the KCBS was also occurring. Planning and accomplishing an event like this requires lots of communication.
Fun for the night, discovered Carley, our track announcer, has a pretty good arm. I heard Rick challenging her to hit me in the head with one of the balls she was throwing to the crowd. I also heard he would pay her if she did it, now what I heard $50 and what he said he would pay $5 were two different numbers. Carley accomplished the challenge but she did say she was within five feet. If you missed it I came back into the crowd wearing a race helmet. Got to have fun, after all, why else do we come to the racetrack but to have fun. Shoot, Rose in the first section is keeping track of how many mistakes I make a night, she started with a new pad of paper, I told her she needed a case of paper!

Thank you Colton for getting the tower gate for me. He has become a great helper and you know he comes to have fun. So with that said let’s have some more fun this week! And the answer to the Stock Car question is…………………………………..Trevor Hunt.