Has anyone seen or received an annual financial report from the C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame and Museum? If yes would you be willing to share. I sent the below email to the president and have not received a reply. I texted her two days ago and received a who is this reply back and I responded JD. I have not heard anything back. Maybe since her husband made a proposal to suspend my lifetime membership at the January meeting maybe they do not like me asking questions. Maybe a report was never done, at the very least they should have one for the general membership they represent. Another question concerns the Hall of Fame trailer. Last year I had to sign the title over to them. Has anyone seen it since? The Roberts family donated $5,000 for the trailer and that is what we paid Rick Beebe in 2005. I know they have a meeting on July 12, but I will be at Lucas Oil Speedway that day.Hall of fame question If anyone has a copy of the annual financial report please let me know.