As a kid growing up at Riverside Stadium and Lakeside Speedway one of my favorite drivers was Bill “Candyman” Curtis. Candyman would throw out candy to the kids. I remember him standing in the flagstand at Riverside Stadium and kids everywhere running to get some of the candy he would throw out.

About that same time, in my life, attending Sunday church each week we had Mr. Scott who always brought candy or gum for us children to enjoy during worship. We always looked forward to reaching into Mr. Scott’s pocket and if he missed you on the first hand out we would circle back around him to ensure we gained his attention. Candy goes a long way in silencing children when we needed to be quiet.

Over the years we have done several things for kids involving candy. The new asphalt Lakeside Speedway we had the Circle Track Club for the children which included a weekly program created by Diana Green. When the kids would return their completed programs they would receive a gift which sometimes was candy or scale cars for pushing toddlers. We had candy laid down on the track and had foot races to see which child could get their quickest and pick up the most candy.
Move forward to today’s time and we have another “Candyman” in our midst. We are going to make a change to this driver’s name as he just recently turned 18 years old. The crazy part is I remember him as a baby at I-70 Speedway. That person who is bringing back what Candyman Curtis did several years ago is Leroy “CandyKid” Morrison. CandyKid loves racing competing in the E Mod class. He also loves to give back to the sport serving as a part time photographer for Cheeseworks video and he also enjoys playing CandyKid. He loves handing out his candy, even though a couple of tracks have told him he is not welcome to do that at their track. Candykid goes to race where he can hand out his candy.

I saw this week he will be competing at Valley Speedway and yes he will have his candy to hand out and it is not just children he hands it out to he will allow adults to have candy also. I-35 Speedway owner Mike Johnson has told him he is always welcome at I-35 Speedway and to bring his box of candy. So for someone who remembers Candyman Curtis, it is with great honor I tip my hat to Candykid for continuing a long time driver tradition.