As we approach Christmas let us remember the reason for our celebration, the birth of Christ our savior. This is the perfect time to reflect on our lives and determine are we givers or takers. But before we go there let’s remember back to the story of our savior’s birth. Born to the Virgin Mary, and understand Jewish custom at that time required a one year wait before a husband and wife were married. Because Joseph and Mary could not find a place to stay he was born in a manger. At his birth a star shone brightly and the shepherds came with gifts – givers. The Maggi traveled from the east bringing gifts – again they were givers. But there was one who was jealous, who feared for his position, because a king had been born, that person was King Herod. What did Herod do? He ordered the death of all sons 2 years old or younger. Herod was a taker.

Now let’s bring that message home, are you a giver or a taker? In our sport we are so competitive it is assumed everyone is a taker. People who deliberately break the rules are takers. People who change bylaws to protect their position are takers. People who pour concrete only for themselves and not for the racers are takers. People who build a bar only for themselves and not everyone else are takers. People who look only out for themselves are takers. People who don’t take into account their actions and how it will hurt others are takers. People who don’t apologize when they should are takers. People who announce they know everything and you cannot introduce to them anything new are takers. Do you know any of those in racing? Sure we all do, without naming names we have and continue to see all the above people in racing.

Now let’s look for the givers, and yes there are givers in racing. Track owners who work to make their track better, who work to give the racers and fans the best facility they can are givers. Car owners who give rides so others can enjoy the sport are givers. Officials who show up early and get everything ready and then close up the facility at the end of the races are givers. Drivers who race clean are givers. Race crews who understand racing is racing and sometimes things happen and ensure everyone else understands are givers. Individuals who work for the local non-profit racing organization to start events, which are still ongoing multiple years later are givers. Mothers and Fathers who are putting their children in a racecar are givers.

So when we look at our sport we have takers and givers. As we honor the birth of our savior let us remember there were givers and takers at his birth and at his death. Let me ask which group took his life and hung him on the cross? I think we all know it was the takers. Become a giver and watch our sport grow.