A comment received on a reply to one of these blogs was a compliment of writing from the heart. This s probably one of those blogs. Numerous persons have talked with me recently about how we have common goals but we argue on how to get there. It doesn’t matter what the situation may be it seems everyone wants to complain. Complaining is easy, pointing the finger is easy, blaming someone else is easy, jealousy is easy, but none of those accomplish anything except hate and discontent. Spreading rumors is easy but guess what most rumors are nothing more than another form of hate and discontent. Stir, stir, stir, keep people guessing is just plain meanness.
A couple of folks came to me and complain about another person, a person who is in charge. In America we constantly bash our leaders. The media plays on it, stirs it, and always bring a negative twist. Well you know what we could turn off the media, quit reading it, quit watching it, and quit listening to it. Another area we could improve on, if you have something negative to say about someone, first you must tell at least one good thing about them.

Imagine if I wanted to complain about another driver but first I had to same something nice about that driver. Example:
Driver to official – Hey when are you guys going to throw the black flag on driver so and so.
Official to driver – First tell me something good about driver so and so
Complaining driver – Well, he painted his car a color I like.
Official to driver – Okay tell me why you have an issue with him/her.

Our common goal as racers is to compete on a racetrack with fair officiating, a smooth track, and competitors who race clean and without cheating. We all hope to race and put the racecar back on the track without damage and without broken parts. The common goal can be accomplished as long as we respect each other.

We have so many other common goals in racing. Listed below is just a few.

Common Goal – Successful racetracks. We all love our home track but we all should support all tracks, if not in attendance then by supporting them with positive comments. Talking negative about a racetrack with others or via social media is the opposite of a common goal, instead it destruction. If we destroy our tracks we have nowhere to race.

Common Goal – Central Auto Racing Boosters, this organization just held their 20th Annual Golf Tournament, it takes a team to make them successful. Same can be said with the Hall of Fame and Museum. Both presidents and boards need to work together to promote interest in and understanding of the sport of auto racing. Acting separately is destructive, working together got them to the point where they are today, think back to all the work that created the Golf Tournament, the Bowlathon, the Race Ons, the Hall of Fame, the banquets, the funds for the Museum, that was a team. Common goal promote interest in and understanding of our sport. Much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.

The same can be said even in a concession area. The common goal, prepare and sell food to the general public. This works great if everyone is working together but complaining about the boss, the coworker, the pretty girl, the clumsy kid, does no one any good. It is destructive. Remember the statement above about saying something nice first, try it, it usually helps you see yourself, and then if there is an issue you have conquered the wall of distrust by praise and then can bring up the issue and work to resolve it. That works whether coworker to coworker, coworker to supervisor, supervisor to general public.

Common goal – put on a successful parade every March. There are numerous parts to putting on a parade, staging, judging, announcing, entries, police, fire, breakfast, public relations, etc. This requires a commitment by those involved, their time, their willingness, and most of all their teamwork. This gets accomplished every March in North Kansas City, why, because no one cares who gets the credit, the volunteers do it because they love the challenge.

Shoot this even applies to politicians. In today’s America who do you vote for, a politician complaining, stirring up negativity about another politician or do you vote for the politician that stands up and says this is what I stand for and why I am running. Common Goal for a politician is to get elected.

The common goal in life – to get to heaven. Do unto others as you have them do unto you. Jesus died for our sins but to be deliberate in being negative is nothing more than sin. Try working towards the common goal of heaven each and every day and see what blessings are brought your way.